What Are The 6 Holy Knights?

What Are The 6 Holy Knights? is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 08/07/2011

St. Ishiyama Arc

What Are The 6 Holy Knights? - " "Rokkisei tte Nandesu ka?" (六騎聖って何ですか?)

There is news of the MK5 and Good Night being defeated by the "six holy knights". Aoi says that they are trying to drive out the Ishiyama students because they are delinquents while Oga comes to the conclusion that Beelzebub does not want an idiot to raise him, so he seeks out the Six Holy Knights. Meanwhile, Furuichi has a reunion with an old middle school friend, Miki. While Oga gets into a fight with a couple of people as he always does, Miki tells Furuichi that the Six Holy Knights wear an emblem underneath their collars by turning his collar up and showing him his.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Hey!!!" by Flow

Baby Beel scream, and while Oga lays on the grounded, shocked, Hilda tries to calm him down due to a bad dream. Suddenly, a cicada lands on Beel's face which causes Beel to shock everyone.

As Oga and Furuichi come to school, the normal students whisper about them and wish that they will go away. Aoi overhears their conversations. Meanwhile, on a roof, Ichiro comments on how weak the MK5 are. Miki reassures Ichiro that Oga is strong which piques Ichiro's interests.

In class, Himekawa reports that the MK5 and the Good Night man (Shimokawa) are taken out while Aoi adds that the 6 Holy Knights are trying to drive out the Ishiyama students. Himekawa explains that six of the best students are chosen each morning based on their skills in school clubs. Kanzaki calls the defeated Ishiyama students weaklings which causes Nene to grab him by the collar. They get into an argument until Aoi breaks it up.

Oga talks about how an idiot is not good enough for Beel and points to Himekawa and Kanzaki as idiots. Oga announces that he will find the 6 Holy Knights who are smarter than him much to Furuichi and the others' disbelief. Just then, the counselor calls Aoi and Oga for making their teacher, Sadohara, get a nervous breakdown. Sadohara keeps muttering about his ten year loan on his car. The counselor tells Oga to dress the baby since it upsets the female students. Sadohara shows him the rules, but the fake rules fly off from the handbook.

When the counselor tells them that there are powerful people that will discipline them, Oga smiles and asks him about the six holy knights. Sadohara gets crazy. After leaving the counselor's room, Oga heads to meet Kazuya. In the vending machine area, Furuichi talks to himself, and Miki appears before him. Furuichi greets him with a pat on his shoulder and tells him that it has been awhile since middle school that they have met. Although he notices Miki looks a like a different person, Miki brushes Furuichi's hands off him. Miki talks about them destroying the school and that Oga is always with Furuichi. When Furuichi asks Miki about meeting girls, Miki changes the subject and tells him that Oga and the delinquents should not fight the 6 Holy Knights.

In Azusa's class, her female classmates complain about the Ishiyama delinquents, but Azusa calls them nice people. Azusa talks about how they ate cake together which makes her classmates warn her to stay away from them. Their reasoning is that these men are wolves. The one with glasses reminds her about the physical exams when Oga peeked at the girls while they were changing. Azusa tells them that she is talking about Oga. Yet, Oga is right by their window.

As everyone is shocked and tries to avoid eye contact with Oga, Oga asks Azusa where Kazuya is. Azusa replies that Kazuya is in the bathroom, yet the girl with the glasses shut her mouth afterwards. They tell her that she will get pregnant if she gets involved with him. Aoi comes by, and Azusa asks Aoi if she is on a date with Oga. Aoi gets flustered and waves her arms like a child saying that's not how it is. After Aoi's denial, Oga explains that Beel likes people who are strong and smart. When Azusa asks Oga who does he have in mind, he replies that he's looking for the 6 Holy Knights much to everyone's surprise.

A small bell chimes. Ichiro hopes that Oga can make this fight interesting unlike the MK5. Meanwhile, Furuichi asks Miki who are the 6 Holy Knights and what distinguishes them from the normal students. Miki replies that they wear an emblem shaped like a lion underneath their collar. He reveals his emblem, a roman numeral 6 appears. Miki leaves him.

Kazuya appears and finds Oga and Aoi facing off Ichiro and Mitsuteru. Ichiro introduces himself as the Union Boxing Club captain. Yet, Ichiro begs Mitsuteru to introduce himself. Mitsuteru reveals his emblem and states "Moe" as his name for unknown reasons. After Ichiro's angry rant, Aoi reminds Oga to stay on guard. Oga asks Baby Beel about them, yet Oga has to reveal their abilities before the baby makes his decision. Aoi tells them that they are here to see their friends, and Ichiro replies that they are here to reinforce the rules. Mitsuteru attacks Aoi, but Aoi evades his attack with her some of her hair cut off. Aoi obtains a ruler from Azusa with her permission.

Aoi and Mitsuteru fight, and Aoi cuts off the tip of Mitsuteru's wooden sword. Baby Beel and the others are happy about Aoi's accomplishment. Ichiro asks Oga to be serious and to put down his baby. He wants to defeat Oga without making the baby traumatized. Oga replies that Beel insists on hanging on. As Ichiro preps to attack Oga, Oga asks him which is stronger: a grandma or a grandpa in a certain place. Ichiro jabs into Oga's face which sends Oga flying.

Kazuya rushes to help Oga and asks him why he did that. Aoi tells Ichiro that Oga is not done yet. Kazuya states that Ichiro has ended every match with one blow. Oga tells him that Ichiro has zero points because he did not answer his question and that he will give him another chance. After Ichiro smacks him, Oga gives Baby Beel to Aoi since he cannot dodge Ichiro's punches. Ichiro thinks Oga's bluffing, and Oga tells Aoi to not stand farther than 15 meters much to Aoi's misunderstanding emotions.

Oga prepares to ask Ichiro his question: "when is a door is not a door?" after grabbing Ichiro's fist. Ichiro replies that when it is ajar. Oga exclaims that Ichiro is smart and strong, and he asks Baby Beel if he likes him. Yet, the baby falls asleep much to Oga's surprise. As he asks what Ichiro lacks, Aoi tells him to quiet down because he is sleeping. Ichiro quits since he does not want to break his fists and tells him that Oga will see Miki soon. Kazuya thinks Oga is sympathetic since he did not do the electric attack.

Outside, Aoi thinks about the Six Holy Knights and asks Oga about them. However, Oga wasn't paying attention. He comments that Beelzebub likes her, so he asks why she won't be the baby's mother. Aoi shouts in frustration and tells Oga to give it up because she misunderstands his statements.

Ending Theme

"Nanairo Namida" by Tomato n' Pine

Points of Interests

Anime and Manga Differences

  • The counselor and Sadohara scene only occurs in the anime.
  • References to the last episode about the physical exam exists only in the anime because the last episode is a filler.

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Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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