We've Lost Something Important Again!

We've Lost Something Important Again! is an anime episode of Persona 4: The Animation that was released on 11/24/2011

Persona 4 The Animation Ep. 8

We've lost something important again

Time for some R&R. While out on a school field trip, Yu and Yosuke learn the true meaning of fear: Yukiko and Chie's cooking! Later, Kanji must prove to the boys that he's a ladies man...by any means necessary.


Opening Theme-

"sky's the limit" by Shihoko Hirata

Ending Theme-

"Beauty of Destiny" by Shihoko Hirata feat. Lotus Juice

Episode Synopsis

Margaret welcomes Yu to the Velvet Room, but informs him that Igor isn't present today. Then she suggests that he came knowing Igor was gone. She tells him that he has recently obtained the Emperor Arcana. As she opens the compendium, and image of Kanji Tatsumi appears on the page. She wonders how far this power will evolve. Looking to Yu, she tells him that her curiosity is peeked.

Monday June 13, 2011

Chie and Yukiko are on the room of the school eating cup of ramen as Yosuke leers at the girl's summer uniforms. The girls scold him for looking at them in such a perverse way, but Yosuke wonders why they are only beating up on him when Yu was also looking. Though, Yukiko switches the topic to how they should check the Midnight Channel every night it rains during the coming raining season. Chie knows that's a lot, but Yosuke just doesn't want it to rain this weekend. Yu asks why, and Yosuke tells him its for the school trip.

Thursday June 16, 2011

The Day Before The School Camping Trip

The team settles on curry rice
The team settles on curry rice

The gang has gone to Junes to get supplies, and Chie mentions how this is the boy's friend camp trip with the school. Yosuke just knows that each team has to prepare their own meals outdoors. Yu asks what they will be making, and Yukiko says she hasn't yet settled between ramen or curry. Yu prefers curry, then Chie says that settles it. No one seems interested in Yosuke's preference.

Yu asks what they normally do on these trips, and Chie tells them they normally just pick up trash. Yosuke didn't know about that, but she adds that they also do fun stuff like cook out and sleep in tents. This prompts Yosuke to ask since they're a team they would be sharing a tent. Chie snaps at him that boys and girls have separate tents. Yukiko adds that they also have the opportunity to play at the rive. Yosuke runs off with an idea after he learns that swimming in the river is an option. Chie shouts after him that they aren't even done shopping.

Yukiko and Chie shop
Yukiko and Chie shop

A bit later, Yosuke returns and asks about the girls. Yu points out that they are still shopping, and Yosuke's confident that they'll be fine since Yukiko works in a traditional inn.

Yu performs magic tricks for Nanako
Yu performs magic tricks for Nanako

Yu makes it home late that night, and Nanako runs in to welcome him home. She's envious that he was at Junes today, and he picked up some ready made dinners. She asks what he was shopping for, and he tells her it's ingredients for curry to make on his school trip. Nanako says she loves curry, but her happy mood changes when Yu tells her that he'll be gone tomorrow. She tells him she'll be fine watching the house alone and turns on the TV. Seeing that she's upset, Yu cheers Nanako up with a simple magic trick with a rubber band. She loves the trick and asks him to do it again.

Friday June 17, 2011

School Camping Trip, Day I

Yu falls victim to the evil curry rice
Yu falls victim to the evil curry rice

Yosuke has seemingly fallen dead after eating Chie and Yukiko's curry rice dish. Yu picks him up to asks what's wrong, but he can hardly get his words out. After Yu give him some water, he manages to point to the culprit, the curry. Yu asks if it was too spicy, but the girls thought it was mild and suggest Yu try it to see. very tentatively Yu taste the curry and suddenly falls from one bite.

Ohtani wants their leftovers
Ohtani wants their leftovers

Yosuke screams at the girls for the bizarre concoction they seemed to of made. Yukiko says they should of tasted it, but Chie said she didn't have the courage. Yosuke calls it gritty, slimy, and mushy all at the same time. Chie suggests they put their love into it, but Yosuke wants to know what that's suppose to mean. It seems while they were shopping for ingredients the other day, neither of them knew how to make curry or the ingredients they needed. Just just ended up getting an odd variety of parts that had nothing to do with curry and were hoping for the best. The girls apologize, but now they don't have any meal that's even edible. Hanako Ohtani shows up and asks to have some of their leftover curry. They watch in amazement as she eats it and enjoys the new twist.

The Underclassman

Naoki Konishi being left out
Naoki Konishi being left out

Naoki Konishi sits alone as he overhears students in the next tent gossip about how he doesn't have to do homework. One is even jealous, but the girl tells him to watch what he says since there's a reason. Naoki goes over to ask if they need his assistance as part of the health association. One is surprised he has come on the school trip and asks if he's needed more at home. Naoki says they can get by without him. The three run off to go back to trash collection.

Naoki tells Yu he hates him and Hanamura
Naoki tells Yu he hates him and Hanamura

He's back alone in the tent as Yu drags Yosuke to get some antacids for this stomach. Yosuke looks shocked to see the boy. As Yu takes the antacids, Naoki gives his full name to Yu and tells him how he hates both him and Yosuke. Elsewhere, Yosuke explains that Noaki is Saki Konishi's younger brother. He had talked to him some when Saki was still alive. Yosuke had heard form a friend that Naoki's been alone since the murder. The heavy mood is broken as Kanji Tatsumi calls out to them form the nearby woods.

Investigation Team talk about Naoki with Kanji
Investigation Team talk about Naoki with Kanji

In the forest, Chie has ordered nikudon from Aiya and it was delivered by Aika Nakamura. She thanks them for the order, and Chie tells her that may also be ordering dinner, as well. Kanji shows up with Yu and Yosuke behind him. Chie tells them all to eat before King Moron catches them. Yu asks why Kanji's there, and he tells him that the teachers threatened to hold him back if he skipped this trip. His class' tent is dead as a funeral, so he prefers to hang out with them. Yu then asks Kanji about Naoki, and Kanji says he's known him since they were children. He doesn't have too much to add and can't say much about what he's going through in class now since they aren't in the same classes.

In response to Yosuke blaming him for not being any help. Kanji went and dragged a confused Naoki to them to talk. Naoki asks what they want with him, and the team is shocked after Yu comes straight out and asks if he's being left out of his class. Naoki actually appreciates that someone is willing to asks that to him for once. The students in his class have been keeping him at a distance and babying him. When asked about skipping classes. He tells them that since his sisters death, he's had to help his parents fend off reporters, and Yukiko can relate to that struggle. Naoki goes on to say that the neighbors have been coming over recently to tell him how he needs to live his life for his dead sister as they start to cry. He's started to find the constant pressure to be suffocating. Yu offers Noaki a bowel of the Aiya nikodon, and it turns out that's his favorite dish. Kanji isn't to happy since that was his second helping he ordered. They girls have to hold him back.

At the first year tents, Naoki apologizes for saying he hated Yu and the others without even knowing them. He had fun hanging out with them and hopes they can do it again some day. As he walks off, Yosuke and the rest see that they need to find the killer to get justice for people like Naoki.

Deduction Time

Councilman Namatame scandal
Councilman Namatame scandal

Yukiko, Yu, Chie, Yosuke, and Kanji are gathering trash as they talk about the case. Yukiko adds that with Kanji's abduction that their theory that the killer is target women is no longer valid. Yu says they must be over looking something, and Chie can't think of any other links. Yosuke says they need something, then Kanji mentions how his mother told him how Councilman Namatame was fired after it was discovered he was having that affair with Ms. Yamano. He returned to Inaba to work at his family business. Yukiko heard the same thing and that he's now working as a deliveryman now. Yosuke says that he had an alibi for Yamano's murder. and Yu says he's likely not their attacker.

The team realizes victims were shown on TV
The team realizes victims were shown on TV

Yukiko adds her own theory she recently noticed. Ms. Yamano was in the news about her affair, and Saki Konishi was interviewed on TV after finding the body. Yosuke remembers how Yukiko was also on TV before she disappeared, and Chie says there as a special on about Kanji. Yu reasons that everyone who disappeared was first spotlighted by the TV network. They figure th next victim will be someone who's on TV, but are depressed they still don't have a motive. Only then to they realize that Kinshiro Morooka is standing above them and shouts at them to get back to work. the group agrees to keep checking various programs once they return home for clues.

School Camping Trip At Night

The boys afraid to sleep with Kanji
The boys afraid to sleep with Kanji

Yu, Yosuke and Kanji are sharing a tent at night and the boys don't seem to be able to sleep. Yosuke wants to know if Kanji really does swing "that way", but he doesn't get his meaning. Suddenly, Yu asks if their chastity is save sleeping with him. Kanji sits up shouting that he's not like that, but the others find his extreme denial more suspicious. Kanji says he's fine with women now, but Yosuke still doesn't trust him. Even Yu says it takes courage to sleep with him. When Kanji says how Narukami accepted him, Yu adds that doesn't count at night. Kanji's determined to prove he;s a man by going to the girl's tents, and Yu cheers him on as he rushes out screaming.

Yukiko has a deadly plot
Yukiko has a deadly plot

Chie and Yukiko are sharing a tent with Ohtani, who's loudly snoring and making it impossible to sleep. Yukiko sits up and suggest they could stop her snoring if they covered her mother and nose with something. Chie finds that suggestion far too frightening. They suddenly hear someone entering their tent and sounds of hitting can be heard inside.

The girls come to the boys tent
The girls come to the boys tent

Back at the boy's tent, Chie and Yukiko have dropped by. Yosuke asks what they're doing here, and Chie says that they can't go back to their tent. They explain Kanji came into their tent then suddenly passed out. They can't be there when he wakes up since he might just throw an angry fit. They douse the lamp as they heard King Moron chanting drunkenly as he walks through the camp. Yukiko hides with Yu in his sleeping back, and Chie's unhappy with how close she has to be with Yosuke. Mooroka shouts into their tent to answer them if they're asleep. Yosuke yells that they are asleep, but Morroka knows that's a lie and stumbles off.

No one can sleep
No one can sleep

With Morooka gone, Yosuke asks what the girls are going to do. they asks to sleep in their tent and promise to be gone before anyone wakes up. Yu agrees, and the girls and boys separate in different sleeping bags. Chie puts the boys' bags between them and warns Yosuke against trying anything funny. Though they turn out the lights and lay down. None of them can manage to get to sleep. In the girl's tent, Ohtani rolls over and glooms onto the unconscious Kanji, pushing his face into her chest; and he seems to enjoy the feeling

Saturday June 18, 2011

School Camping Trip, Day 2

Yosuke wants to swim
Yosuke wants to swim

Down by the river, everyone is happy that they all escaped without getting expelled. Since they are by the river, Yosuke suggests they go swimming. Kanji passes since he's far too tired. When they asks if he was able to get any sleep, he defensively shouts that he didn't sleep with anyone last night. This just makes them all suspicious. Chie tells Yosuke to swim by himself when she catches him glaring their way, but Yosuke does mention how they still owe him for that curry. When they try to explain they can't go swimming since they didn't bring their swim suits, Yosuke pulls out a pair for each of them be bought from Junes. Yu realizes that's what he was doing on the day they went shopping. Kanji adds that it's pretty messed up.

Chie and Yukiko in bikinis
Chie and Yukiko in bikinis

As the boys wait for the girls, Kanji compliments Yu on his stylish trunks. they girls walk out and seem embarrassed. Chie tells them to stop staring, and Yukiko wants them to stop just looking and at least say something. When Yu tells them how they both look great, Chie blushes as she scolds him for saying that, and Yukiko bashfully calls him horrible.

YU and Yosuke kicked off a cliff
YU and Yosuke kicked off a cliff

Yosuke doesn't help as he says the girls are cuter that he expected but still immature. He does expect they'll grow up to be sexy when they get older and Yu agrees. This backhanded compliment only pisses the girls off and they kick both Yu and Yosuke off the cliff and into the cold river water. Kajnji watches the guys and aks if they are alright, but after Yukiko sees his nosebleed. She kicks him in after the guys. Yosuke shouts at them, but Chie doesn't see the problem since they were going swimming anyways. Yu hears a strange sound nearby, and the girls spot Morooka. He's hunched over the riverbank upstream complaining of being sick from drinking too much last night. Chie can see something floating in the river, and the boys realize what they are soaking in is their teacher's vomit.

Kanji's great shock
Kanji's great shock

It's sunset as everyone is heading back to camp, and Kanji wonders if he smells. Yu tells him to drop it, and Yosuke feels they've lost something important again. The girls are just happen they realized before they ever got in the water. As they are walking, they spot Ohtani ahead in their path and she seems to have something on their mind. Wondering if this is going to be a sunset love confession, they slip to the cover of a tree leaving Kanji behind to talk. Tentatively, Ohtani hesitates to talk about how guys like Kanji..........aren't her type. He's shocked by this turn, and she apologizes to Kanji, telling him to forget that last night ever happened as she callously walks away. Kanji falls to his knees in confusion, and Yu suggests they leave him be.

Nanako welcomes Yu home
Nanako welcomes Yu home

Later that night, Yu returns home to the Dojima residents, and Nanako runs to the door to welcome him.

Points of Interest

  • The regular day transition graphics are replaced in this episode with sketches that represent the different sections of the episode.
  • In the game version of the story, the player had advance warning about how poorly the curry was cooked, and Ohtani didn't take the leftovers. Also, they made mention of how their cellphones didn't have a signal.
  • In this episode, Yu's Knowledge increased by one to Informed and his Understanding increased by one to Generous.
  • Though Yu's Diligence is unchanged, the previous episode labeled him as Strong, but in this episode it says Persistent.
  • The official subtitled version of this episode shown on The Anime Network suggested that "School Camping Trip At Night" scene takes place on Saturday June 18th, but they only spent one night on the camping trip and the clock says 21:00 (9PM). There is no Japanese text that implies a change in the date.
  • In the Persona 4 game, the player had the option to compliment Chie and Yukiko separately on their swimsuits and both of them together. There was also an option to say nothing.
  • Though Teddy doesn't appear in this episode, his voice actor, Kappei Yamaguchi, is heard frequently shouting "Persona" between scenes. Though one time he says "Per-kuma".


Amateur vs. Expert: PERSONA 4 #8 by Nick Robinson (Babylonian) & Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt). HERE

Giant Bomb- Persona 4 Endurance Run: The events of the camping trip were told shown Episode 50 of the Giant Bomb Endurance Run of Persona 4. HERE

(via TheRealGiantBomb on youtube)

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Shigenori Soejima Concept Artist Shigenori Soejima is the Japanese character designer for Persona 3 and Persona 4 game series.
Kazuaki Morita Character Artist/Designer Kazuaki Morita is a Japanese character design artist for anime.
Yuuko Kakihara Series Composition Yuuko Kakihara is a Japanese script and screenplay writer.
Tomohisa Taguchi Episode Director Tomohisa Taguchi is a Japanese director.
Seiji Kishi Director Seiji Kishi is an anime series director.
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Kappei Yamaguchi Voice Actor Kappei Yamaguchi is a Japanese Seiyuu and Actor affialiated with Goku and 21st Century Fox.


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