Wenli Yang

Wenli Yang is a anime/manga character in the Legend of the Galactic Heroes franchise
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Yang Wenli is the young star officer and later commander or the Free Planets Alliance in the Legend of Galactic Heroes universe. Though considered a military genius rival to Reinhard von Lohengramm, he had no ambition and only goal was to survive long enough to retire and collect his pension.

Childhood and Education

Wenli Yang was born to Yang Tai-Long an interplanetary trader in civilian goods. He spent the majority of his youth aboard his father merchant vessel. He develops an interest in history and intends to make an occupation of a historian as an adult. Being relatively poor he enrolls in a military officers academy at age 16 with the promise of signing into military service upon graduation in return for free tuition. But life rarely goes like you want it. Due to lack of resources the War History department at the academy is dissolved and  Yang is forced to transfer to into another department, Strategic Studies. He shows promise using unorthodox tactics and brilliant stratagem in simulation though uninterested he does the bare minimum to narrowly avoid failing out.  

Hero of El Facil & the Battle of Astate

Upon graduating he is assigned as a staff officer to Admiral Andrew Fork who is stationed on the planet El Facil. El Facil is the closest free planet to the Iserlohn Corridor where the Imperial Fleet's main base is. The Imperial Fleet invades and Fork and the majority of the military brass flee taking along the FPA fleet. Yang was left to deal with the evacuation of the civilian populace. He somehow managed to calm everyone, take control, and organize a hodgepodge group of civilian and trade vessels to make their escape. Arriving in friendly territory with the civilians the military had abandoned he became the 'Hero of El Facil' by FPA government and quickly promoted cementing his star status in the eyes of the people. Many in the military were resentful and jealous of Yang and so his opinions were altogether ignored. This later proved disastrous in thee Battle of Astate. Ignoring his advice the FPA forces are split into 3 separate fleets. Reinhard sees though this and proceeds to annihilate each fleet individually. Most of the FPA forces are destroyed and only after his superior is critically injured does command of the remaining survivors pass to Yang. Yang manages to organize his forces and create a stalemate for Imperial Fleet. Having lost the advantage and seriously crippled the FPA forces, Reinhard withdraws unsatisfied being thwarted from total victory at the hands of Yang. This second miracle cements his star status in the eyes of the free planets. 

13th Fleet & Capture of Iserlohn

 With his popularity soaring higher-ups in the government feared he might harbor political ambition due to his pacifist ideals and associations with close friend Jessica Edwards, a leader in the Anti-War Party. In an attempt to keep him from entering the political stage Yang was promoted to Admiral and given command of the Hyperion and the newly formed 13th Fleet with the objective of capturing the impregnable Iserlohn Fortress. The 13th fleet was roughly half the size of a normal fleet and made of entirely of raw recruits and the survivors from the Battle of Astate. Many saw this as a suicide mission with no chance achieving its goal. Yang was set on surviving long enough to collect his pension at the very least so he set about the capture of Iserlohn. His secret weapon would be the Rosenritter, a close-quarter battle unit comprised of descendent's of Imperial exiles. He disguises them as an ambushed Imperial patrol vessel chased by a large FPA fleet. Iserlohn offers them sanctuary and one of its ambition admirals launches his fleet to search for the FPA. Once inside the Rosenritter take control of the defenses ands the FPA fleet enters inside before the Imperial Fleet returns.  Yang has succeeding in his mission without a drop of FPA blood.
Voiced by
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Kei Tomiyama
General Information Edit
Name: Wenli Yang
Name: ヤン・ウェンリー
Gender: Male
Birthday: 04/04/3547
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Legend of the Galactic Heroes #1
1st anime movie: Legend of Galactic Heroes: My Conquest is the Sea of Stars
Aliases Yang Wen-li, Miracle Yang, Yang the Magician, Hero of El Facil
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