Wendy's New Big Mission?

Wendy's New Big Mission? is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 04/09/2011

After Dragon Filler Arc

Wendy's First Big Job! -"Wendi, Hajimete no ōshigoto!?" (ウェンディ、初めての大仕事!?)

Wendy has her first mission; however, her mission is not what she expected. This episode mainly revolves around Wendy and her taking on a mission all on her own. It also features Charle, Happy, and Freed prominently. Charle shows more of her protectiveness of Wendy even if they have disagreements. Happy is just there for comic relief. Freed is also just there for comic relief and shows a little more of his unreserved side.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Evidence" by Daisy x Daisy

Charle & Wendy arguing
Charle & Wendy arguing

As Wendy looks at the job request board, Mirajane comments that Wendy is making great progress. Charle inform Mirajane that Wendy has only taken small requests while Gray and Natsu tell Wendy to take on big requests outside of town. Wendy agrees and wants to do bigger missions. Cana compliments Wendy by calling her brave and full of spirit. Happy mocks Lucy by telling the celestial wizard to follow Wendy's example, to which Lucy responds that she is honest and brave too. Happy makes faces at Lucy and taunts her further by saying that she is lying, so Lucy chases him off. As Lucy tries to avenge her honor, some of the guild members mention Gildarts. At last, Mirajane finds a request that is looking for a healer to heal the spirit of actors in the theatre. When Gray and Natsu find out it is Radius/ or Rabian (who is the head of troupe and in charge of the acting for the theatre), they remember that the man had put them to hard labor with little to no pay. Gray and Natsu tell Wendy not to take the job; Charle agrees with them and thinks it is suspicious. Wendy and Charle get into an argument when Charle states that Wendy cannot do this request. Moreover, she tells Wendy that she will not accompany her when Wendy insists on taking Rabian's request.

Freed accompanies Wendy
Freed accompanies Wendy

Makarov intervenes and tells Wendy that she needs some partners since she is still new to the guild. (Possibly that Wendy is a small girl who needs protection when going on a mission all by herself.) Makarov chooses Happy as well as Freed, which shocks Natsu, Lucy, and Happy. As everyone waves goodbye to Wendy, Makarov tells Freed not to assist Wendy unless she is in dire danger because this is Wendy's real mission to prove herself. Freed agrees with Makarov's orders. Charle makes a "hmph" sound at Wendy, and Wendy shows Charle that she does not care by turning away. When Wendy, Freed, and Happy leave, Cana and Reedus comment that Freed is an odd person because he is so inflexible and does things his own way. Suddenly, Charle watches Wendy leave with concern.

Erza can't wait to start acting again!
Erza can't wait to start acting again!

The train to the town was delayed, so Wendy decides to walk to the theater by going across the desert. Happy is shocked that Wendy would make that decision because going across the desert would take a long time, and he tells Freed to stop her. Sadly, Freed decides to walk as well, which shocks Happy further and makes the flying cat think Freed must be thick-headed. Meanwhile, Erza realizes that Wendy has gone to the theatre and starts doing vocal practices. Mirajane tells Lucy, Erza, and Charle that the train to Onibus has been delayed, so they (Erza, Charle, and Lucy) decide go to find Wendy. While they walk, and Erza does her vocal exercises, Charle rants about Wendy taking this request that probably a waste of time. She tells Lucy that Wendy is most likely walking to the town to prove herself instead of relying on Happy or Freed's help. Lucy thinks her group has less luck than Wendy's group since Erza is taking her enormous luggage of props, and Charle keeps ranting about Wendy's decision.

What do I do Laxus?!
What do I do Laxus?!

In the forest, Wendy senses the air currents and tells Freed and Happy that it is going to rain. At first, Happy says it is a sunny day, but it immediately starts pouring buckets. While they run, Freed stops to think if he should use the runes to protect Wendy from the rain because she might catch a cold in this weather. However, Freed cannot go against his master's wishes to not help Wendy unless she is in real danger. In all his indecision he remembers that Laxus would probably know what to do at a time like this, so he looks at the sky and imagines Laxus there. Then he demands the image of Laxus to tell him what he should do. Suddenly, Wendy asks Freed to join them in the cave they found. Meanwhile, Erza, Charle, and Lucy have taken shelter inside of Horologium.

No one likes a picky eater
No one likes a picky eater

At the guild, Natsu decides to join Wendy and Lucy because he is bored and wants to have an adventure. At the train station, Natsu debates whether to take the train or not, but ultimately ends up deciding to ride on it. However, Natsu gets stuck on the train because of his motion sickness and doesn't realize that the train can't go to the theater. Back to Wendy and her group, they have to make camp and Wendy and Happy are hungry. Freed uses his sword to write runes and makes winged fish fall out of the sky. Happy blanches at the sight, recalling the time he ate them, knowing that they are very unappetizing. Freed scoffs at that comment and claims that the fish did not taste good because they were not prepared correctly. He begins to cook them in a flashy, theatrical way, and they end up looking good. Of course, they still taste horrible as Happy and Wendy find out, but Freed continues eating them without complaint while Wendy opts to find berries and nuts with Happy. Erza's group is also eating winged fish, and they do not like the taste very much either.

They eventually run into Wendy, Happy, and Freed in the desert and witness Wendy destroy a tornado thing. When Wendy, Happy, Freed, Lucy, Erza, and Charle make it to the theater, the man who gave them the mission says that his actors had reconciled and decided to come back and do the show after all, so the three came all this way for nothing. Freed passes out from when he ate too much winged fish, Natsu finally comes along after the train was fixed and passes out from too much motion sickness, Erza is depressed that the man did not want them to act out the show and slumps to the ground, Happy falls, and Lucy passes out as well. The man who gave Wendy the mission gets angry that everyone is on the ground and driving business away, so he orders Wendy to pick them up, in fact he'll even pay her for it. Wendy piles everyone's unconscious bodies, practically throwing Natsu on top of Freed, and Charle admits that Wendy did a good job.

Ending Theme

"Lonely Person" by ShaNa

Points of Interest

  • Freed (or Fried)'s personality reveals more in this episode; He is very proper, believes language and word choice are very important, indecisive at times, and he's not a picky eater either (he eats winged fish without a complaint)
  • Running Gag: Winged fish taste disgusting no matter how you prepare it.
  • Wendy is the most useful wizard in this mission.
  • Revisit a minor character, and Erza seems to really care about the play (she kept all the props)
  • Freed is still loyal to Laxus, and in his moment of indecision, he looks up at the sky imagining Laxus to be there, and then demands him to tell him what to do.
  • Happy states the play's name is Frederick and Yanderica.

Manga & Anime Differences

Unlike the manga, Gildarts is mentioned for the first time in the anime, but in a filler episode. Compared to manga, Gildarts is mentioned two times: once during the battle of Natsu and Erza (after Lullaby Arc) and a second time when the Markarov is contemplating about who should take over the guild.


  • Japanese Name: "Wendi, Hajimete no Ōshigoto!?" (ウェンディ、 初めての大仕事!?)
  • Manga Chapter: 292-293 (Volume 34)
  • Opening Theme: Evidence by Daisy x Daisy
  • Ending Theme: Lonely Person by ShaNa

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masashi Sogo Series Composition
Fumihiko Shimo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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