The M-Cast episode 3: Cell Phones, NEETS and Iron Beer

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Finally after sitting in Production hell for half a month the M cast returns. This time we turn our attention to Future Diaries, Welcome to the NHK, and Cuba's National soft drink as well as an assortment of smaller bits including: My feelings on Deadman Wonderland, revisiting exactly why Homer hates Muv-Luv, Pyro Finally watches Eureka AO, why Upotte!! is so absolutely f'ing weird and so much more! So sit down and enjoy no ones favorite Anime Vice community podcast.

Please leave whatever Comments and questions you have for us, and sorry again for going on far longer then intended.

Opening video credits in order of appearance from left to right.


Pyro Blue



Break video Credits

M and Pyro


Camera- Patches

Music and Sounds

Allan Gray - Swing Doors - Battle035

Austrian Death Machine - I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle

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Well it's about damn time this was put up XD lol I kid. I personally think that this one is our best yet, hope you all enjoy it :)

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@PyroBlue: agreed!

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Alright, time for that game I mentioned at the end of the cast. If you've seen Future Diaries, than you know that the tools used by the main characters are diaries that tell the future in a manner similar to the way in which the diary was written, and always from the perspective of the writer, i.e. if one were to keep a journal of all the sporting events one was involved with that day, it would tell the future of every sporting event one would be involved in, as well as its outcomes. Each diary has its own strengths and weaknesses, for instance, a diary that says everything about a certain person or group of people would say nothing about the holder, so while the holder could monitor any and all actions of the other party, the holder him/herself would be left in the dark about things affecting him/her. This was easily the most interesting part of Future Diaries for me, trying to guess at what certain characters diaries did and what shape they took. It was so fun, we all started to play this game after we had finished the series.

The Game.

It's pretty straight-forward, take your favorite character from any anime, video game, or movie, and give them a future diary. Come up with as many as you want, the more the merrier. The rules are also pretty simple, every diary must have a strength, weakness, "theme", and name. Pick any character(s) you think would have an interesting diary, here's my pick,

John Marston, The Redemption Diary:

Strength: The Redemption Diary will give the user any and all information/solutions the user needs to redeem himself and ensure his path to redemption. This includes info on how to solve puzzles, get out of dangerous/deadly situations, and how to survive in general until the user is fully redeemed.

Weakness: No matter what transpires, or what happens up to the users redemption, once thee user is redeemed, he will always die. This may be a direct result of the final action taken to redeem himself, or an indirect result of the same action. It may happen instantly afterwords, or weeks later, but no matter what, the user will always die.


Use yourself! Think of an interesting aspect of yourself that would make a good diary. the same rules as above apply such as the strength, weakness, theme, and name. To make things easier, explain the context for your diary. Characters are established entities, so context is not needed for them, so just add a short description about why your diary is the way it is. Here is my pick as an example,

The Hindsight Diary:

In everything I do, have ever done, and ever will do, I'm always hyper critical of myself. In fact I've hated any video/writing I've ever been in/authored, and I've never found myself funny when viewing/reading anything I've ever been apart of. I'm not even going to mention how I feel about the opening and break videos of this very podcast. I always think i could do better, and so my diary is the hindsight diary,

Strength: The diary will tell me every decision i will ever personally make, and then offer a "better" alternative. for example, It will tell me the I ordered a cheese-burger and that a chicken sandwich would probably have been better

Weakness: "Better" is completely subjective. The diaries are always written as if the user had kept recording them normally, so what I may have thought was better may have actually been worse. for instance, I'm being chased by a killer down a hallway that eventually splits into three separate paths. The diary says I break left and get killed, and a "better" path would have been right. Well, i break right and get eaten by a grue. It only gave me what I THOUGHT was a better solution, not what actually was. It COULD have been better, but that would be left up to chance. It will only offer what I perceive at the time to be a better alternative, regardless of whether or not it actually is.

Pick one or both options, whatever you think is interesting. Trust me, it's actually quite fun. Have fun and be creative, can't wait to hear what you all come up with!

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@Homer_Slobotnick: your game has more words in it then my early reviews.

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I love our little videos at the beginning of the podcast XD . I'm really glad we decided to start doing those.

I wonder when my "what are you going to watch next" section is going to be anything other than a bold-faced lie. Probably never, but one can hope, eh?

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@PatchesClown: agreed

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@firehawk12: thanks!

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Sorry guys, I get a chance to listen to this wonderful podcast Friday. Mark my words.

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@takashichea: No problem tell us what you think!

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I find it odd that they pronounced Eureka in the dub version, "A-reka." I haven't got into Eureka Seven, but I got into Samurai Seven. For Beast Wars, I grew up watching in English, but the nostalgia makes me love it. I didn't know it had a Japanese version and some episodes not seen in the U.S.

I haven't tried Upotte! or Muv Luv. Upotte! reminds me of Strike Witches without the panties. I'm not into those kind of shows.

I'll finish the podcast later. Got an hour and 43 minutes.

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@takashichea: While Upotte!! isnt strike witches yet I don't think youll care for it

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OH and everyone that did thanks for listening hope you enjoy it.

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