Welcome to the El-Palacio

Welcome to the El-Palacio is an manga series
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Welcome to the El-Palacio


Welcome to the El-Palacio is a manga series by AOYAGI Takao, which was published in Monthly Shonen Sunday from 2009-2013. The series, which is about an amnesiac young man & a group of female wrestlers received a live-action drama adaptation in 2011.


  • Shogakukan


A young man loses his memories when a woman saves him from being struck by a truck. He wakes up in the home of a smalltime women's wrestling league, and soon finds himself made into their referee as well as the manservant of his savior. He then joins them in their struggle to help their small league survive, while trying to learn about himself.

Principle Characters

Tadasuke Ōoka - A mild-mannered young man who is taken in by a group of women wrestlers when he loses his memory. He then must work as a referee and general dog's body.

Ouka Shumisen - leader of El Palacio's wrestlers and the one who saved Tadasuke. She is very strong-willed and widely feared

Mari - a wrestler with a maternal nature, but who acts wild an uninhibited in the ring.

Hina - a girl who is a wrestler despite her gentle nature & being in middle-school. She develops a crush on Tadasuke.

Bunny Kisaragi - a masked wrestler. She never shows her face and is beloved by children.

Itsuka - A tomboy with poor impulse control. She is in highschool but often plays truant.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Round 5
June 12, 2012
Round 4
Oct. 12, 2011
Round 3
May 12, 2011
Round 2
Aug. 12, 2010
Round 1
Jan. 12, 2010
General Information Edit
English Name Welcome to the El-Palacio
Japanese Name: ここが噂のエル・パラシオ
Romaji: Koko ga Uwasa no Eru Parashio
Publisher Shogakukan
Start Year 2009
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Aliases Koko ga Uwasa no El-Palacio
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