Welcome to Sakura Dormitory

Welcome to Sakura Dormitory is an anime episode of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou that was released on 03/26/2013
A new school year is starting with new and old faces.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

While Sorata fixes the sign, Nanami is packed up and ready to go. Last night, Chihiro tells Nanami to go back to Osaka to convince her parents to let her pursue voice acting. On the way to the airport, the gang sing cheerfully. Rita bids Akasaka farewell with a sneaky kiss. She kisses Maid-Chan who appears on the screen. At the train station, Jin kisses Misaki goodbye much to everyone's shock. He gives Misaki her marriage application that he signed. When Mashiro states that Nanami's home is Sakura Hall, Nanami hugs Mashiro with tears in her eyes. Later, Sorata asks Akasaka some advice which gives Sorata some hope. After Akasaka leave to get some work done, Mashiro points out to the sakura tree.

While on the train, Jin teases Nanami about having lingering feelings for Sorata indirectly. Over at Sakura Hall, Sorata recalls Misaki's words as he stares at the empty space in Misaki's room. When he heard a loud crash, he rushes to Mashiro's room where Mashiro tries to hang her painting. Mashiro tells Sorata that she wants to try kissing much to Sorata's shock. Sorata hesitates and requests Mashiro to close her eyes. When Sorata is about to kiss Mashiro, Hikari jumps and scratches Sorata's face. Mashiro says it's not a good time, and she kisses Sorata's cheek and state that it is a reservation for the future.

At Suimei High School, Hase Kanna goes to the teacher's office where she meets up with Chihiro and Iori Himemiya. Chihiro welcomes the two students to Sakura Hall. Back at Sakura Hall, Nanami arrives back home and finds out that Sorata is throwing a hotpot to welcome the new students. Nanami starts to reciting some lines from a horror game. When the two students enter the hall, they get spooked by Nanami's words. Sorata comes by with a bloody knife which frightens Iori. Iori runs back outside where he finds Akasaka with a sickle. He runs back inside to Mashiro's room. Mashiro asks Iori to take it off. When Iori complies, Nanami enters the room and yells at Iori for doing something perverted. Though, it turns out that Mashiro wants to practice drawing the body of guys. Later in the kitchen, Sorata is surprised by his younger sister's presence. As Mashiro arrives with the painting, Yuko requests Mashiro to include her, but she is shot down when Mashiro says there's no space to draw her. Then, Misaki visits Sakura Hall where she informs Sorata about submitting the marriage registration.

Points of Interest

  • The ending is a compilation of events with dialogue from the characters as the ending theme song is played.


  • Japanese Name: "Sakura-sō e Yōkoso" (さくら荘へようこそ)
  • Opening Theme: "Yume no Tsuzuki" (夢の続き) by Konomi Suzuki
  • Ending Theme: "Prime Number (Kimi to Deaeru Hi)" (Prime Number ~君と出会える日~) by Asuka Ookura

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hajime Kamoshida Original Concept Hajime Kamoshida is the creator of Pet Girl Sakurasou.


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