Welcome to Irabu's office

Welcome to Irabu's office is an anime series in the Kuuchuu Buranko franchise
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An anime based on an award-winning collection of short stories.


Irabu is a fictional psychiatrist in a series of short stories by Japanese writer Hideo Okuda that was made into an anime. Each episode is a story of its own which means the episodes arent linked at all and also there is no real plot. its about Irabu the psychiatrist and his patients that usually have some kind of trauma or problem. every episode starts with the patents problem by the end of the episode the doctor provides an answer but it is up to the patient to start his healing. through the series strange symbols appear and pictures that represent the patient and usually when the patients trauma is discovered he is shown as a animal the symbolizes his character.


Psychiatrist Irabu

the doctor likes to see his patients solve their problems by themselves with optimistic results. He is also the heir of the Irabu hospital. he is very skilled in his profession and refuses to use medication. through one episode with him he changes forms into 3 characters. his first form is a fat man in a lab cat with a colorful mouse mask. his second form is a young adult with blond hair and glasses that is also wearing a lab coat. his last form is a small boy most likely a younger form of his second form. ž


Ichiro, Irabu
Park, Romi (jap)Mitsuya, Yuuji (jap)

Music Themes

Opening Theme:

"Upside Down" by Denki Groove

Ending Theme:

"Shangri-La (Y.Sunahara 2009 Remodel)" by Denki Groove

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Manabu Ishikawa
Hiroyuki Kakudou
Takashi Hashimoto
Kenji Nakamura

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General Information Edit
Name Welcome to Irabu's office
Name: 空中ブランコ
Romaji: Kuuchuu Buranko
Publisher Toei Animation
Start Year 2009
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Aliases Trapeze
Die seltsamen Methoden des Dr. Irabu
Flying Trapeze
Welcome to Irabu's office
Kuuchuu Buranko
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