Welcome to Ezonoo!

Welcome to Ezonoo! is an anime episode of Silver Spoon that was released on 07/06/2013

The vast Ooezo Agricultural High School (AKA Ezonoo) is home to many animals such as cows, pigs, and horses. Hachiken is a student there who has ostensibly chosen to enter the school because it is a boarding school. During the campus orientation tour, he becomes lost in the woods after chasing a calf on the loose. Just as panic sets in, he is accosted by a mysterious figure..

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Plot Summary

Welcome to Ezonoo!
RomajiEzonoo e, Youkoso
TranslationWelcome to Ezonoo!
Theme Music
Opening"Kiss you"
Ending"Hello Especially"
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During the tour of Ezonoo, Hachiken chases a small calf deep in the forest where his classmate, Mikage, arrives on her plow horse. In class, Yoshino Mayumi's classmates introduce themselves. During their first few days at school, Hachiken and the others adjust themselves to farm life starting with eggs. Entering the chicken warehouse, Hachiken and his friends collect eggs. When Keiji informs him that chicken eggs come from the anus, cloaca, Hachiken cannot eat any eggs. He sees them as poop.

During breakfast, Hachiken gets disgusted by eggs. With breakfast over, Keiji asks Hachiken to help him with math. Once some students discuss about cloning with Aikawa and Tamamko, Hachiken finds himself stupefied. After a grueling lap around the school, Aki and his friends try to convince Hachiken to join a club. Later, Hachiken and his classmates are finished with shipping and carting the eggs. Outside, the wind picks up. Hachiken and his classmates rush out to pull the sheets over the shed. During dinner, a teacher treats Hachiken and his friends to some fresh eggs. Hachiken struggles to try eating the eggs. Once Hachiken bites into his meal, he falls in love with the eggs.

Points of Interest

Student Introductions

  • Aikawa Shinnosuke - From Makubetsu East Junior High. He wants to become a vet.
  • Komaba Ichirou - From Shimizu First Junior High. His goals are to carry on the family dairy business.
  • Inada Tamako - From Obihiro Kawanishi Central Junior High. Her goals are to get into agribusiness management and set up a world class farm.
  • Tokiwa Keiji - Nakasatsunai South Junior High. His goals are to take over the family poultry business.
  • Yoshino Mayumi - From Shimourahoro Junior High. Her goals are to start up a cheese business with the help of her family dairy business.
  • Hachiken Yuugo - From Shin Sapporo Junior High.

Characters & Voice Actors

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