Welcome Home

Welcome Home is an anime episode of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic that was released on 03/30/2014
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Will the allies be able to stop their common enemy in this final episode?

— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

Welcome Home
TranslationWelcome Home
MangaCh. 195-198
Theme Music
Ending"With You/ With Me"
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While Doron, Irene, and the other magicians evacuate the civilians from the city, Morgiana along with Sinbad's allies bombard the Medium with their attacks. The gang find the Medium's Borg too hard to penetrate. Then, Mu soars and crashes the Medium's Borg easily. Alibaba and Kouen's siblings are unable to help out the others when their Magoi is completely depleted. Scheherazade sacrifices her life to restore everyone's Magoi. Everyone, 13 in total, uses their Extreme Magic in unison around the Medium. The Medium survives. Gyokuen laughs at the fact that they lack the full force that Solomon and his 72 Household members had. Yunan points out that a single White Rukh is holding the Medium at bay. Sphintus finds Marga asleep as he cries at the sight of Titus's skeleton that holds his earring.

Aladdin knows it's Matal's Rukh that is holding the Medium back. Yamuraiha requests Aladdin to take her with him to meet Matal. She wants to say something to her adopted father. Aladdin uses Solomon's Wisdom to go inside the Medium. On the outskirts of Magnostadt, Judar and Hakuryuu watches Aladdin from afar. Inside, it's not Matal's Rukh. Instead, it's Titus's Rukh who is stopping Matal. Matal states it's his fault for causing both Goi and magicians pain. Aladdin apologizes to Matal for his comment on him being the wrong king. He begs Matal to come back because Magnostadt needs him. When the souls arrive outside of the castle, Matal states that he had caused so many souls to fall into depravity. Aladdin confirms that he cannot restore these individual's black Rukh to white. Matal requests Aladdin to find a way to restore the black Rukh to white. Aladdin feels Matal's pain and thinks there is a way. Matal is lucky to meet Yamuraiha one last time. Yamuraiha explains that Matal had kidnapped her and raised her like a daughter. Yamuraiha states that she was the daughter of a family that served the royal family for generations. Matal replies that she was about to be disposed on that day, and he wanted to raise her in a country where magicians like her wouldn't be persecuted. Aladdin reminds Matal of the good things he had done.

As a result, Aladdin and Yamuraiha's words touch Matal's heart, causing his Rukh to turn bright white. A staircase opens up for Matal and his people. Matal thanks Aladdin for what he has done and bid them farewell. Matal requests Aladdin to give his last message to his people, abolishing his racist views on Goi. Outside, the citizens of Magnostadt shed tears for Matal. Yamuraiha runs after Matal to give her last message. She apologizes to Matal after being bind by Matal's plant magic. Aladdin cries out for Titus who is passing away in front of him. Everyone cheers that the battle is over. Marga remembers Titus and her promise.

In Ugo's world, Ugo greets Titus's Rukh. Aladdin wakes up to find Yamuraiha sobbing over Matal's death. Alibaba and Morgiana greet Aladdin, and the three bump fists. However, things has not been settled down since Kou Empire, Sinbad's forces, and Magnostadt have not resolve their issues. Yunan smacks Sinbad with his fishing rod and reminds him that they did not prepare for another conflict. Sinbad and Mu confirms that Leam Empire and Sinbad's forces have become allies. Kouha and the others are angry at Sinbad for not sparing any effort to rebuild Magnostadt. Kouen claims Aladdin because of their little promise much to everyone's shock. Sinbad sheathes his sword, and everyone follows suit by transforming back into their original forms. Spintus and the rest of Matal's group arrive to the scene.

Over at Kou Empire, Gyokuen celebrates over the death of Scheherazde. In Ugo's world, Scheherazade's Rukh greets Titus and communicates to Ugo without words to make Titus, the new Magi of Leam. Titus reunites with everyone as Marga welcomes him back home.

Points of Interest

Abilities, Moves & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

CharacterAbilities, Moves, & Items
  • Household Vessel
  • Household Vessel
  • Flame Magic


Mu AlexiusAbilities
  • Djinn Vessel
Ignatius AlexiusAbilities
  • Djinn Vessel
  • Unknown Extreme Spell
Kouen RenAbilities
  • full-body Djinn Equip - Astaroth
Kougyoku RenAbilities
  • full-body Djinn Equip
  • Water Magic
  • full-body Djinn Equip
  • Teleportation Magic
  • full-body Djinn Equip
  • Wind Magic
  • full-body Djinn Equip
  • full-body Djinn Equip


  • Balalark Inqerad Saika
  • Solomon's Wisdom
  • Plant Magic


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Aladdin: "We were able to find a ray of hope, to feel all warm inside, because of you! We were able to keep striving because of you!"
— Aladdin reminding Matal of his good deeds
Matal: "That there's no one in the world who's better than anyone else."
— Matal's Last Message

Characters & Voice Actors

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Irene Smirnoff ( x ) ( x ) ( x )


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Shinobu Ohtaka Original Concept Manga artist
9nine "With You/ With Me"


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