Weiss Kreuz

Weiss Kreuz is an anime series in the Weiss Kreuz franchise
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Why shouldn't four pretty teenage male florists fight evil when the shop closes for the night? Our heroes hate the crime and murder stalking the big city and harming the innocent, so they roam the night streets offing as many of the bad guys as they can-and I do mean permanently; they may be florists, but they're no shrinking violets when it comes to pest control. Unlike the Knight Sabers (but like Charlie's Angels), they have an external authority-a mystery man known only as Persia. As the series progresses they find that more of the drug rings and terrorist factions they take out are connected to one hugely powerful family, pointing to a coldly planned conspiracy.

With a concept straight from Bubblegum Crisis and a cast out of Saint Seiya via Gundam W, WK was made to promote Weiss, a band manufactured from four young voice actors, purportedly based on an idea by their lead singer, Takehito Koyasu, and first serialized as a novel in Animage. A number of interesting Doomwatch-style SF concepts lurk in the plotlines (like the attempt to infest the water supply with flesh-eating bacteria), but relentless cuteness always wins out, and every episode has a downbeat ending designed to pluck at the heartstrings of the intended junior-high-school-girl audience. Giving one of the boys a Wolverine-style steel claw and making him a biker jock isn't enough to give the show real teeth; it loses out in the crime-fighter stakes to BGC and can't compete with Zetsuai for angst. For sheer prettiness, though, the characters take some beating, and the series is fabulous eye-candy. Released in the U.S. under the title Knight Hunters.

Weiss Kreuz Glühen (aka Knight Hunters Eternity, 2002) was a second TV series, in which the boys find themselves at a mysterious academy, troubled by student suicides and violence in a similar setup seemingly inspired by Challenge From the Future (*DE). The series introduced two new pretty boys, Sena and Kyo, and radically different character designs by Toshimitsu Kobayashi, as an indirect result of an ongoing dispute with the original character designer Kyoko Tsuchiya. Three of the original WK voice actors also appeared together in Get Backers, leading to a boost among fans for the latter series among WK aficionados.

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Name Weiss Kreuz
Name: ヴァイスクロイツ
Romaji: Voisu kuroitsu
Publisher Studio Deen
Start Year 1998
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Aliases White Cross
Night Hunters
Weiß Kreuz
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