J-STARS VICTORY Vs. Review -- Why Do Anime Games Stumble?

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1) Putting Allen Walker and Jaguar Junichi as support character instead of playable was a bad idea...

2) Lack of playable characters from Black Cat, Buso Renkin, Death Note, Kinnikuman, Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro, Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, Ninku, Shaman King or Yu-Gi-Oh! was a bad idea (these series had PCs back in Jump Ultimate Stars)

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So 1st off. Titan Fall https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/buy/titanfall/pc-download/base-game/standard-edition?utm_campaign=origin-search-us-pbm-g-titanfall-e&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_term=titan%20fall%20origin&sourceid=origin-search-us-pbm-g-titanfall-e

Its on computer not just buyboxs. An actually its 50% off these days. Friend has it an I was going to get it but since the minimum requirements needs win 7 I cant play it. My old computer is 8 years old but still does a decent job but is vista 32bit :/ Odd how I can run The Elder Scrolls online fine.

He kinda said its just not as full of story an background as it should be. I am sure dlc will fix that over time .. an money (cough). But yes he backs up just what both yall said.

2nd so your saying games like http://store.steampowered.com/app/242700/ do a better job of capturing comic fights than J stars did for manga? That sounds like J Stars is a huge let down then.

3rd Not big on buying any games in the past that were anime related. But i can tell ya a future game that probably will not meet my expectations ... http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ghost-in-the-shell-online-scheduled-for-early-2014/1100-6403979/

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@Marshal Victory: yeah trying to make a game out of ghost in the shell...not sure how that is going to work. I mean the only way to make it a game people will play is strip out the philosophy...but then it really isn't ghost in the shell anymore. I don't really like fighting games but I mean....when have they ever had story? I mean the story in street fighter was always pretty ridiculous and mortal combat was even worse I mean I still want the 2 hours of my life back from watching that....but I'm a strategy gamer and RPG person so yeah.

Never really played any anime RPG's but I guess you could say every free to play RPG that is anime inspired pretty much is a disappointment I mean Mabongi and Scarlet Blade...oh god Scarlet Blade....


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I was hoping this would be the Super Smash Brothers of amine games.

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The reason why anime based video game series fail is because they are trying to appeal to both audiences: the fans who watch the anime and folks who hadn't watch the anime but they are curious about the game. It's more of that they focus too much on the story rather than making an enjoyable video game that will introduce new fans to the anime series.

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I agree, although I think Danganronpa was decent, but the ending was very wierd. In contrast, series like School Days I felt were the opposite. Lack luster until the ending which made it not a waste of time. Some of them can be hard to incorporate I things like Battle forums since the anime rarely covers everything and many monumental things either happen in gameplay or diologue with no cutscenes, making feats suspect. This is happening right now with Umineko no Naku Koro Ni.
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I haven't play Danganronpa, but I enjoyed the anime adaptation. For School Days, it was a deconstruct challenging SIM games, and it was supposed to piss off or turn off fans with its controversial ending. For J-Stars, I haven't played it, but a game with so much expectations and a huge potential roster is not going to do well. Fans of underrated Shonen manga series will have their hopes dashed when their favorite characters are not there or treated as something else. As fighting games go, there is an art in making a fun and enjoyable game without making it too repetitive or unfair and unbalance. An example was Zatch Bell's game on the Game Cube. A player with a full gauge (I think it was magic) can spam long range attacks and win easily. For one of the Naruto fighting games on Game Cube, you can play as Akamaru and beat the players easily because you're short and able to dodge most attacks without even trying.

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@zaldar: 1st thing their was a ghost in the shell ps1 game years ago that had good reviews. Probably more game play than the world tho.

2nd thing reason I brought up Injustice fight game is because rumor has it the story is good. They even made a comic after the release of the game . months an months after the release. http://www.amazon.com/Injustice-Gods-Among-Us-Vol/dp/1401245005/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1403310114&sr=1-1&keywords=injustice+comic wrote by the same guy who wrote the story for the fight game an its got good reviews.

Now granted its took decades for comic book properties to be treated to good video games. An not just coat tail riding collectible type crap. DC seems to do much better than Marvel in this area over all. Yeah the Batman stuff of last few years has been pretty good to. But again for every good comic video game there is a Iron Man or Hulk one thats crap like to. So really anime / manga suffers from this just as much .

Oh about that Ghost in the Shell "mmo" yeah I'm with you no hope of it being worth a dam :/

Done an done!

Oh an done.

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@Marshal Victory: Heh! Yeah I don't see how you can make a game out of ghost in the shell it would have to have so much dense text I would love it but as I can't get people to play planescape torment now as it doesn't have enough action....wow was that last one from stargate...when did stargate ever get that cool?

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@zaldar: That is the way of things. Hype active shallow attention spans seem to be the wave of the future. Oddly enuff just today in The Elder Scrolls online a conversation came about just that. From video games to anime how the younger generations have on average less an less attention span. Which is bad mojo when people think they are highly educated an are bored.

Most were upper 20s in age some of us older 40s to. An the examples were many an all forecast doom for the future.....

Dam i really have to buy this movie...

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Ahhh idiocracy! Yes a very funny movie and it does seem like that is where things are headed if we don't make the world unliviable first through global warming ;).

One of my favorite movies actually that I have brought up before in my law school classes...it always makes the millenials roll their eyes.

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A lot of anime games fail on one of two levels or often both:

1) They aren't really true to the nature of the series

2) They just aren't good games from a gameplay perspective

The second is really the most important imo. You could fail at #1 and it would be initially disappointing but if the gameplay is good it could still succeed as a game. Too many anime or manga based games seem like they are farmed out to the lowest bidder with the only requirement being that the studio has to put out a project that can make for good trailers and good marketing screenshots. No importance seems to be placed on actually making a good game. Whether that's because it's for children who don't know any better or it's for the hardcore otaku who is going to buy literally anything related to a series that they enjoy.

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@zaldar: Should dare them to watch ..

An watch their heads explode.

Oh ill send ya some links on that other matter. :)

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@Marshal Victory: oh goodie did I start the argument again ;). Heh. Will try to find time to check them out though unless they are scientific articles not going to put much faith in them.

Not sure what my millennial friends would think of blazing saddles...I think I may ask.

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@zaldar: No argument just people breaking down said how an whats left out of the numbers. Thumbs on scales are not science by any means me thinks.

Eh be careful on second thought asking them about The great Blazing Saddles. Fairly sure some one will consider it hate speech or some such an issue a political correct fatwa upon you. An all it takes is one of them to lie an your hard work is gone. You swim in waters I would not. So be careful.

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Real question is will yall get this http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-06-25/strike-the-blood-yukina-black-bullet-rentaro-join-dengeki-bunko-fighting-climax/.75944 an see if its actually a fight game to or not? It looks like a fight game.

Me I would be on the side of burn me once shame on you type of thing.

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@Marshal Victory: well after looking at the materials well yes it would start argument again...though I agree with you thumb on the scale is not science I would argue there being a thumb on the scale. All ready posted on facebook about blazing saddles no one took the bait. BUT I am known around the law school as a troll when it comes to such things....have I posted my law revue video here....hmm check this out....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_moiHnZyZ4

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