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Weekly Shonen Jump (US) is an manga series
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100G Mountain

100G Mountain is a massive mountain located deep in Area 7, serving as the home of the Monkey King Bambina. It’s surrounded by the "Zero Mountain Range", and has a highly unique and powerful gravitational field.


The place you go to after you die.

Amazon Lily

Amazon Lily is the home of the Kuja warriors where strength is beauty. No men are allowed and the ruler is Boa Hancock.


A beautiful but dark world of eternal night.

Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is a plane of existence where the Astral Body resigns

Dragon Ball Universe

The Dragon Ball Universe is where several manga series written by Akira Toriyama take place, including Dragon Ball, Neko Majin Z and Dr. Slump.


Dressrosa is an island in the New World that is base of Donquixote Doflamingo.

Drum Island

Drum Island is a winter island on the Grand Line. Home to many of the greatest doctors on the Grand Line, including Chopper Tony Tony.


Earth is the third planet in the sol system, in the outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Most noticed for it's blue appearance due to the massive bodies of water that surround it.

Earth (DBU)

Earth, or the "Dragon World" is a planet based on real-life Earth, but differs is many ways. This Earth is the main setting of manga written by Akira Toriyama, including Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump and Neko Majin.

East Blue

The East Blue is a segment of ocean in One Piece. The birth place of Gold Roger, the Pirate King; and Luffy, the man who will be the next Pirate King.


A village from Claymore, Raki was left here by Clare after being banished from his hometown.

Enies Lobby

Enies Lobby, also known as Judiciary Island, is the base for the World Government and Marines. It is the first stop before Impel Down.

Fish-Man Island

Fish-Man Island is an island in the Grand Line located beneath the Red Line, and is home of Fish-men and Mermaids.

Frost Moon Village

Frost Moon Village(Shimotsuki Village) is home to the dojo where Zoro trained and met Kuina. Her father Koshiro is the dojo master.


One of the main countries of central Europe.

Gourmet World

The Gourmet World is a region that occupies 70% of the world in Toriko. It surrounds the Human World, and it's home to the most dangerous beasts.

Grand Line

The Grand Line is the isolated sea, surrounded North and South by the Calm Belt, that spans the entire world of One Piece. It is the test of all who wish to be King of the Pirates.


Greenbit is a forested island thought to be uninhabited that is located north of Dressrosa. The Kingdom of Tontatta is hidden underground.

Hidden Cloud Village

The Hidden Cloud Village is situated at the heart of the Land of Lightning and it is one of the 5 major ninja villages. Its leader is the Raikage..

Hidden Leaf Village

Konohagakure means "The Village Hidden in the Leaves." It is the village of many of the Naruto character's births, and a major area in the Naruto world reknowned for its military might.

Hidden Mist Village

The Hidden Mist Village, also known as Kiragakure, is located in the Land of Water.

Hidden Sand Village

Known as the "Village Hidden in the Sand" is the hidden village of the land of wind.

Hueco Mundo

The home of the Hollows and Arrancars in Bleach. In a recent arc, it was raided by Ichigo and his friends.

Impel Down

Impel Down is the great prison of the Marine forces and World Government. Located in the Calm Belt and surrounded by Sea Kings.

Island World

The "Island World" is revealed as the sum of all known land located in the Claymore franchise, and it's inhabitants believe it to be the entire world with nothing beyond the sea. Some events lead Miria to question that thought process.


The Island nation of Far East Asia, and the setting for the vast majority of Anime and Manga.


Jinbo-cho is a big city, where many different species come to

Kami's Lookout

The home of the Guardian of Earth in Dragon Ball. Notable inhabitants have included Kami, Mr. Popo, and Dende.

Karakura Town

A fictional area of Western Tokyo where Ichigo Kurosaki lives.

King Kai's Planet

A tiny planet in Other World where King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory live. It has ten times the gravity of Earth.

Little Garden

Little Garden is an island on the Grand Line. Filled with dinosaurs and other enormous beasts, it also is inhabited by two giants by the name of Broggy and Dorry as they continue a long-standing feud between each other.

Longring Longland

Longring Longland is an island in the Grand Line. It is comprised of several larger land masses connected by long strips of land.


Marineford is the Marine HQ and is located in the second half of the Grand Line. It was formally known as G-1 base.

Mikado City

Mikado City is where World Trigger take place

Ninja Academy

Created by Tobirama Senju, the Hidden Leaf's Ninja Academy serves as place where children in the Hidden Leaf train to become ninjas. Upon graduation they receive the rank of Genin.

North Blue

The North Blue is a segment of ocean in One Piece. Home sea of Sanji, Basil Hawkins, and Trafalgar Law.


Oceans are vast bodies of salt water.

Other World (DBU)

Other World is where souls go after they die in the Dragon Ball universe. Exceptional people, like Goku, get to keep their bodies.

Planet Vegeta

The home planet of the Saiyan race, it was destroyed by Frieza when he began to worry about the Saiyan's growing might.

Punk Hazard Island

Punk Hazard Island is an island in the New World portion of the Grand Line that is covered in both fire and ice on each side.


Reiokyu is the palace of the Soul King. It's located in another dimension that is in the heart of the Soul Society.

Reverse Mountain

Reverse Mountain is the path that all pirates must take to enter the Grand Line. The current is so strong is forces you up the mountain and once over, back down into the seas of the Grand Line.

Sabaody Archipelago

Sabaody Archipelago is a massive grove of trees that houses a civilization. Located at the end of the first half of the Grand Line near the Red Line.


The Gated City of Soul Society where the 13 Shinigami squads live.

Shinobi World

The Shinobi World is the land that is home to the Five Great Shinobi Nations, and the setting for the Naruto series.

Snake Way

Soul Society

The world of the dead, where Shinigami rule.


Space is the final frontier.

The Moon

A natural satellite that currently orbits around Earth. The Moon is normally associated night time, and some say it possesses divine powers.

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