Wedding Peach

Wedding Peach is an anime series in the Wedding Peach franchise
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A magical girl series created by Sailor Moon staff members. Young teenager Momoko Hanasaki has the power to turn into the Love Angel Wedding Peach and fights devils that wish to see all love eradicated.


Three adolescent girls-one good, one bad, one silly-band together to fight evil as the Love Angel and her, er, bridesmaids. Yes, where Sailor Moon fought evil with the power of love and makeup, WP uses bridal finery. Naturally, the ditzy one (Momoko, aka Wedding Peach) is the bride and lead fighter of evil, with the intellectual and the bad girl (Yuri and Hinagiku, aka Angel Lily and Angel Daisy, respectively) as her sidekicks. All this has its roots in an ancient battle between the devils, led by Reine Devilla, who wants to banish all love from Earth, and the angels, led by Queen Aphrodite, who wants to preserve it. So the queen picked three ordinary high school girls and gave them magical items to enable them to transform into their wedding-day alter egos. Unlike most magical girls, they transform in three stages-from school uniform to wedding dress or bridesmaid's outfit to sexy lightly armored battlesuits. (Why wedding dress, you ask? To build up the power of Love, obviously!) The series ended with the world made safe for Love, but in 1997 our heroes returned in the four-part video series WP DX; they're enjoying a quiet vacation when a monster attacks Earth, and Aphrodite gives them back their powers to fight once more for love and truth. Tomita, who wrote the manga of WP for Ciao magazine, was also a writer on Sailor Moon, and Tadano worked as a designer on the first two SM TV series.

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Name Wedding Peach
Romaji: Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach
Publisher ADV
Start Year 1995
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Aliases Legend of Love Angel WP
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