Wedding Peach: Episode No. 10,526 - "Sorry, Yosuke"

Wedding Peach: Episode No. 10,526 - "Sorry, Yosuke" is an anime movie in the Wedding Peach Franchise
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A Special Episode, in which main three heroines (Wedding Peach, Angel Lily and Angel Daisy) received Ai-Tenshi Robo (Mecha, that resembled their pilots), to fight against resurrected Pluie and his Giant Robot - Satchi-Ma X.

Ai-Tenshi Robo design differences (from their pilots)

Bride Form

Shared features
- The wedding dresses are heavily modified, as a result, "their" legs are completely buried deep into them (making them completely invisible). The "wedding dresses" lower section are now shown housing jet engines within it, making "them" capable of flying. However they're also rendered completely inflexible, significantly  increasing the risk of getting struck between two (or more) solid objects. 

Unique to Mecha Wedding Peach 
- Thin lines of seam (extending from the flower ornaments) are placed on the lower section of "her" wedding dress 
- Overall amount of the fringes (on the lowest section of "her" dress) is reduced.
- The bow on "her" wedding dress is much thicker.
- The flower bucket (that "she" was holding during her Warning-to-Enemy) is now made entirely out of metal [!] (this is most noticeable on the leaves) 

Unique to Mecha Angel Lily
- Lowest section of "her" wedding dress is reduced in width 
- The flowers on "her" hat are slightly changed, making the upper surface of their  petals being slightly flatter (this however may vary, depending on some sequences) 

Unique to Mecha Angel Daisy
- Due to the total redesign of the Bride Form outfits, "her" wedding dress is expanded and deepened, resulting in "her" legs being no longer visible.

Fighter Angel Form

Unlike the Ai-tenshi's Bride forms (where the design differences were largely, due to the "technical limitations"), the design differences of "their" Fighter Angel forms are largely done in order to significantly improve "their" overall look and better highlight the character's nature. 

Shared features
- All three Ai-Tenshi Robos now wear (removable) black visors, which are attached to their tiaras (most noticeable on Mecha Angel Lily and Mecha Angel Daisy)
- All the engravings are erased from the golden bands (that Ai-Tenshi wear on their right legs), instead the satellite dishes are attached to them.
- The skirts' overall design is slightly modified to make their look much more armor-like.
- The skirt holding belts (most exactly, the ones worn by Mecha Wedding Peach and Mecha Angel Lily) are significantly thickened and widened.
- A thin line of seam is now visible on the central, vertical front section of Ai-Tenshi Robo's leotards. 

Unique to Mecha Wedding Peach 
- The wings (on "her" breast shield's winged heart)  are significantly wider and longer 
- "Her" shoulder pads are slightly bigger
- Because "her" bows are completely redesigned, instead of gaining two red orbs during "her" transformation, they now simply fold out.

Unique to Mecha Angel Lily
- "Her" shoulder pads are slightly bigger and has two small circular blue gemstones attached to it. 

Unique to Mecha Angel Daisy
- The upper wires on "her" breast shield are extended and equipped with spikes 
- The lower layer of "her" shoulder pads are extended and equipped with two fin-like ornaments
- All the engravings are removed from "her" skirt holding belt.


- This marks the only time in entire Franchise, that Angel Lily and Angel Daisy did any attack while in Bride form (their attack's name was "Candle- Service Fire"), but none at all while in Fighter Angel form.
- Unlike any other transforming mecha, where the transformation has no effect on the pilots' outfits, the Omake's transformation affects BOTH mecha and their pilots. 
- Unlike almost every other mecha created before and (unfortunately) after release of this Omake, where the pieces of the mecha's outfits were permanently attached to their bodies and rendered completely irremovable (without spoiling the bodies' overall structure), the pieces of Ai-Tenshi Robo's outfits (most notably, "their" shoes, that "they" wear, while in Fighter Angel form) are fully separate from "their" bodies. As a result, this makes Ai-Tenshi Robo the only mecha, to be shown having true, human-like bare feet during "their" transformation.


Originally included as Omake, on the 1st Laserdisc Box-Set (Catalogue Number JSLA-22789), which contained the first 26 episodes. 

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Name: Wedding Peach: Episode No. 10,526 - "Sorry, Yosuke"
Release Date:
Name: ごめんね ようすけの巻
Release Date: Dec. 22, 1995
Rating: None
Runtime: 11 (mins)
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