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When a highschool girl meets the one, and knew it from the the very moment she first met him.


We Were There (僕等がいた, Bokura ga Ita) is an on-going Japanese romance manga by Yuki Obata, centering around the high school life of freshman girl, Nanami Takahashi. It has been serialized in Betsucomi since 2002. The series went on hiatus in early 2008, but resumed publication in June 2009. The series is licensed for an English language release in North America by Viz Media. It was adapted into a 26-episode television anime series which aired from July 3 to December 25, 2006.

In 2005, the manga won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo.


When Nana Takashi starts high school she meets someone that will change her life forever. Yano, popular high schooler meets Nana Takashi. Not only does he seem intrigued by her but she even confesses her love to him. The first time around Nana so surprised by the sudden positive reply that she rejects him but after some thinking Nana realizes just how much she needs Yano. Even though there are other love interests their love stays strong But what Nana doesn't know is that Yano needs her as well. Yano's past wasn't a good one his late girlfriend died in a car accident with her X boyfriend. Yano is very sensitive about her death and wont let another girl hurt him like she did. But slowly and gradually Nana excepts Yano for who he is and Yano learns to trust her.

After dating, Yano has the choice to go to Tokyo with his mom or stay here with Nana. Sadly he confesses to Takashi that he must go. But along with their farewell Yano confesses his most earnest feelings.

Nana hasn't seen Yano for years and she has never even taken a another look at guy since Yano's confession. But slowly after so many years Nana stays away from the road. Then out of the blue she meets Yano again. Other love intrests appear and the fact that they dont know what to say to eachother makes it even harder. When they both realize that they are still in love with one another they see no reason to stay away from eachother anymore. But will there be cherished forever. The series continues....

General Information Edit
English Name We Were There
Japanese Name: 僕等がいた
Romaji: Bokura ga Ita
Publisher Shogakukan
Start Year 2002
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Aliases Bokura ga Ita
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