We Can’t Make Any Friends

We Can’t Make Any Friends is an anime episode of Haganai that was released on 10/07/2011
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Awkward transfer student Kodaka, hard-bitten loner Yozora, and beautiful, popular ace student Sena share one thing in common: they can’t make any friends. Their solution? The Neighbors Club!
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Plot Summary

We Can’t Make Any Friends
RomajiBoku-tachi wa Tomodachi ga Dekinai
Theme Music
Opening"The Regrettable Neighbours Club Two and a Half Stars"
Ending"My Feelings"
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End Card

It's another lonely day for Kodaka Hasegawa, who is branded as delinquent by accident. After reading a book about friendship he decides to return to his class to get his gym uniform. Before he enter the classroom, he overhears Yozora talking with somebody but doesn't see anybody other than Yozora. Kodaka causally enters to get his bag, but decides to ask Yozora whom she was speaking with. When she was contronted about it, she admitted that she was talking with her imaginary friend, or "air friend" as she calls her.

Turns out Yozora has no friend either, and she was dealing with her loneliness by making up a friend. The tow get into discussion on how to make friends. One solution they came up with was to join a club, but that idea turns out to be bad as both them are too late to join any sort of club as they are in second year of their high school year. Both becomes silent but Yozora leaves as she think of an idea.

The next day Yozora invites Kodaka to follow her along as she reveals her plan. The Neighbor's Club, a club with only single purpose, to make friend. Yozora puts a poster about their club but in hidden message form. Yozora states that only people who are desperate for friends can read the hidden message. Soon the school's board Chairman's daughter Sena Kashiwazaki comes into club room. Yozora closes the door on her saying that is popular girl who us unnecessary to the club. However Sena persistently tries to get in and admits that she wants friend as well. Turn out even though she is popular she has no friend that she can really hang out with. Sena finally joins the club but Yozora isn't really happy about. The episode ends as Kodaka leaves while Yozora and Sena are busy bickering with each other.

Points of Interest

  • Some of major characters are shown but not introduced. Kobato, Rika, Maria and Yukimura can be seen but they serve no purpose in this episode.

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Hisashi Saito Director
Yoshihiro Watanabe Character Artist/Designer
Yomi Hirasaka Original Concept Yomi Hirasaka


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