We Are Friends, Aren't We?

We Are Friends, Aren't We? is an anime episode of Persona 4: The Animation that was released on 10/20/2011

Persona 4 The Animation Ep. 3

We Are Friends, Aren't We?

When Yukiko appears on the Midnight Channel, her best friend Chie leads the charge to rescue her. However, the police are out in force and arresting any suspicious characters - including Yu and Yosuke. When Chie goes to the station after them, she reports Yukiko as missing. But the police seem to suspect her involvement in the death of the TV hostess.


Opening Theme-

"sky's the limit" by Shihoko Hirata

Ending Theme-

"Beauty of Destiny" by Shihoko Hirata feat. Lotus Juice

Episode Synopsis

Igor welcomes Yu to the Velvet Room. He says the Persona is drive by the power of your heart. Margaret explains that be interacting with others and creating a bond, he unlocked the Magician Arcanum. Yu's power will grow as his bonds deepen. She hopes he takes this to heart.

Yukiko and Chie meet
Yukiko and Chie meet

Several years ago, a young Yukiko Amagi sits in the rain on the floodplains holding a small puppy. She's covered with an umbrella by a young Chie Satonaka. She asks if the puppy is hers. Yukiko tells Chie how she found the puppy, but her family refused to let her keep it and let it go. She starts to cry thinking how the puppy will be all alone again. Chie call out to her, and starts making silly faces. Yukiko starts to giggle, and Chie introduces herself. Yukiko tells Chie her name. Chie says it's nice to meet her, and the same for the puppy as she pets it.

Saturday April 16, 2011

Yosuke and Narukami are talking in class when Chie bursts into the class in a panic. She looks around and asks if Yukiko's here. She's worried because she watched the Midnight Channel last night and thought the girl in the kimono she saw looked like Yukiko. When Yosuke suggests that it was Yukiko in the Midnight Channel world last night, Chie shouts at him not to say such a thing. the whole class is startled by her outburst, but she soon apologizes. She says that Yukiko must just be busy or lost her cell. Yu says that she's probably helping at the family inn. Before Chie can leave to check, she gets a call on her cellphone from Yukiko. Closing her phone, she tells them she's busy helping at the inn because of a large group that arrived without reservations. They talk about if it wasn't Yukiko, who did they see on the Midnight Channel.

Chie kicks Yosuke for mocking her handwriting
Chie kicks Yosuke for mocking her handwriting

With class ending for the day, Yu asks about the notepad Chie is holding. When Yosuke mocks the handwriting, Chie swiftly kicks him in the belly. These are the notes she took for Yukiko since she missed school. He collapses, and Yu looks to the club notice board. A member from the basketball team call out to Yu. Kou Ichijo asks if he's ever played before. Chie calls out for them, ready to leave; and Ichijo tells him that newcomers are welcome to join the team.

Teddy bites Narukami's hand
Teddy bites Narukami's hand

It's crowded ay Junes due to the sale in the TV department. They can't jump into the TV with so many witnesses. Yosuke suggests Yu just stick his hand in to get Teddy's attention. He yanks his hand out seconds later from being bit by something. Chie sees the marks and asks if he's alright. He says it makes him cry, but she doesn't see any tears. Through the TV, Teddy asks what kind of game they are playing today. Yosuke asks if he can tell if anyone new is in his world. Teddy says no one is there, and he's actually lonely. Chie snaps at him, demanding to know if that's true. He says it's true, and that his nose is working perfectly. She knows they saw someone last night, but no one is there. Yu tells them they should check the Midnight Channel again tonight to check.

Yukiko on the Midnight Channel looking for a "stud"
Yukiko on the Midnight Channel looking for a "stud"

After Nanako has gone to sleep at the Dojima residence, Yu turns off the TV to wait for midnight in his dark room. The TV comes on, and a clear image of Yukiko appears on screen. She's dressed up as a princess, and her personality is even more outlandish. She's talking on a mic like the host of some show. She announces she's on the hunt for a "stud muffin". This is the "Princesss Yukiko's Hunt for Her Prince on a White Horse" show. Yu is astonished as he watches Yukiko talk about who she's ready and excited. She says she's going so far out that she could start her own host club. She then runs off into the shadowy castle.

Yu answers his cellphone. Yosuke asks if he saw the same thing, and Yu says he wished he'd taped it. Elsewhere, Chie has run out in the middle of the night to Yukiko's home to check on her. What she hears she can't believe and has her worried.

Sunday April 17, 2011

Nanako sees Yu off with a smile
Nanako sees Yu off with a smile

Early the next day, Yu comes into the living room where Nanako is watching TV. He asks where her father is, but she says he's at work and will probably be late again. She notices his clothes and asks if he's gong out. He's hesitant to say he's going out with friends, but she says she'll be fine home alone. She checks the weather report, and goes to hang the laundry out to dry. With a smile she tells him to have a save trip.

Yosuke's spotted by the police with swords
Yosuke's spotted by the police with swords

Yu sits along at the food court of Junes folding paper cranes when Yosuke runs up all excited. He pulls out two large fake swords for them to use when they go into the Midnight Channel. This is noticed by a nearly officer. As Yosuke asks which he wants, the officer grabs Yosuke to arrest him. He tries to claim they are just both big sword fanatics, but Yu asks to leave him out of this. More police appear to take them both in. Chie arrives and works her way through the gathered crowd and is shock to see Yu and Yosuke being up into the squad car. She runs after the police cars as they drive away.

At the police station, Tohru Adachi walks out with Yu and Yosuke. He tells him if Yu wasn't Dojima's nephew they could've been in big trouble. Chie's in the lobby, and she tells them that Yukiko's been missing since last night. Adachi tells them how the police have already been notified by the Amagi family and asks if they're friends of Yukiko. He pulls out his notes and asks them if she's talked about anyone bothering her lately. He starts talking about how Ms. yamano was staying at the inn and turns out she was quite the problem guests. The inn keeper, Yukiko's mother, ended up collapsing form the stress. He whsispers that people at the precinct wonder if Yukiko just ran off because something bad happened. Chie snaps at him for suggesting Yukiko could be the killer. He calls it just a rumor, but Yu has to grab Chie before she can strangle Adachi. Ryotaro Dojima appears to demand to know what the ruckus is about. He sees Chie crying about Yukiko, and looks to Adachi to blame him for saying something wrong. Outside, Chie tells Yu and Yosuke they're going to save Yukiko.

Chie enters Yukiko's shadow castle
Chie enters Yukiko's shadow castle

They go into the Midnight Channel, and teddy leads them to the castle they saw on TV. Chie demands that she's going in, and Yosuke asks Teddy if Yukiko's inside. He's sure he can smell someone inside. Chie runs in ahead of them before they can stop her. Chie runs at an intense pace through the halls. She's so blinded by her goal that she doesn't notice the Shadows forming behind her and blocking the guys' path. They call out their Persona to fight the Shadows. Izanagi easily slices down several Shadows, but Jiraiya misses with his wind magic, but Izanagi takes them out. Teddy mocks Yosuke's inexperience, and he takes offense to being addressed without any honorific by Teddy.

Chie hears Yukiko's inner thoughts
Chie hears Yukiko's inner thoughts

Chie pushes open a door to a large room that suddenly turns into Yukiko's room that's black and white. The snow is falling outside. The sound of Yukiko's voice can be heard talking about how she looked goo in red. She says she always hated her name. Snow is cold and quick to melt. It makes her feel useless, but also understands it suits her. Chie tries to call out to her but gets no response. She goes on to say that besides inheriting the family in she's worthless, but it was Chie that told her she looked good in red. The color of the room starts to fill in places with the color red. Chie gave her meaning. She's strong and can do anything. Yukiko says she has everything she lacks. She calls herself worthless, but Chie will protect her. Chie stands shocked to hear what Yukiko thinks of herself.

Chie faces her shadow alone
Chie faces her shadow alone

Suddenly, the voice of someone mocks the idea Yukiko has of calling Chie kind. Chie looks up to see she's back in the castle and facing her own Shadow double. She asks who she is, and she says Chie Satonaka. the Shadow Chie laughs about Yukiko thinking she's protecting her. She loves the idea that Yukiko calls herself useless. the real Chie is confused, and the shadow talks about how Yukiko is so feminine, lovely, and popular with all the boys. Yet she looks to her with such admiration. It makes her excited. Yukiko really can't do anything without her. She's the top dog. Chie denies that's how she feels. Yu, Yosuke, and Teddy arrive, and Chie turns in a panic. She begs with them to stay away and not to look. She starts to panic, and the boys are blocked from her by the Shadows that appear from the floor and all sides. Chie collapses to her knees denying what her twin's saying. Chie shouts at her to shut up and screams that she isn't her.

Chie's Shadow transforms
Chie's Shadow transforms

The Shadow Chie is overcome with power and transform into a large dominatrix monster with a whip. She's wearing a hood and sitting a top monster slaves like a chair. She calls herself the shadow. The true self. Jiraiya strikes down several Shadows, and Yosuke saves Chie from the Shadow's whip. it tries to attack with clothed blades, but Izanagi slices them down. Jiraiya joins in, but he's knocked away. Yosuke is then knocked back in pain like the Persona. Jiraiya is then captured. Shadow Chie mocks the real one, and tells her to just die already. She'll take care of Yukiko as her foot stool. Chie listens as the Shadow says she's the one who really can't do anything. She's pathetic. Yukiko needs her, and that's why they're friends. Yosuke tries to tell Chie not to listen, but the Shadow grabs him around the neck.

Chie's surrounded by her own darkness
Chie's surrounded by her own darkness

She snaps her whip down on Chie, and she finds herself surrounded by darkness filled with empty masks of her own face. She listen to her darker thoughts and jealousy of Yukiko. She becomes lost in the sorrow of her darkness and starts to fade away thinking this is how she really is. She's suddenly brought back by Yosuke saying that it doesn't matter. Yu says that she's still Yukino's friend. Chie says the Shadow is the pathetic part of herself she never wanted to admit existed. This breaks the spell of darkness around her. The Shadow starts to change, and can't believe that Chie is actually acknowledging her. She strikes at Chie, Izanagi takes the hit, and Yu is shot back in pain. It strengthens it's grip around Yosuke's neck and threatens to slice him apart.

Tomoe Gozen appears as Chie's Persona
Tomoe Gozen appears as Chie's Persona

Suddenly, the voice of Margaret fills Yu's mind. She reminds him how he's unlocked a new arcana. She processes the power of multiple Persona. That's the power of his Wild Card, and she calls him the Chosen One. Narukami calls for Izanagi to change into Pyro Jack. Teddy is shocked, and Yosuke thinks it's unfair Yu gets two Persona. Yu commands Pyro Jack to free Yosuke and Jiraiya form the Shadows binds, and they strike together. they surround Chie's shadow with wind and fire to defeat her. She changes back into Chie, but transforms into Chie's Persona, Tomoe Gozen, as the real Chie accepts her as part of herself. Chie then takes the card into herself to absorb the power.

Chie holding her pet dog she got from Yukiko
Chie holding her pet dog she got from Yukiko

It's sunset in the real world in the Junes food court. Yosuke is busy at work, and Yu sits with Chie. Her head is hanging and she calls herself pathetic for having to leave Yukiko behind because she collapsed in exhaustion. Yukiko could die in there the next day the fog comes. Yu tells her that she's not lame and is sure she'll be needed to save Yukiko. Cheered up, Chie wipes away her tears and thanks him. She shows him a picture on her cellphone as gratitude. It's a photo of her with her dog that she chuckles as she calls him fat and stinky. Though, it as this dog that started her bond of friendship with Yukiko.

Somewhere in the town of Inaba, a shadowing figure sits in a dark room looking to the television, smiling to himself.

Points of Interest

  • The folding of the paper cranes is one of the various jobs that the main protagonist of the Persona 4 game can perform. This act raises the character's attribute of Understanding. It was a non-paying job and it was only shown to be done at home. In this episode, Yu is folding them at Junes.
  • Yu's line about wanting to cry from being bitten is one of the dialog options the player was presented with in the Persona 4 game.
  • In this episode, Yu's Knowledge increased by one to Average, and his Understanding has grown by one to Basic.
  • Aika Nakamura appears in the background of class when Chie is concerned that Yukiko isn't in school yet. She has no spoken lines.


Amateur vs. Expert: PERSONA 4 #6 by Nick Robinson (Babylonian) & Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt). HERE

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