Water City Water 7

Water City Water 7 is a anime/manga location
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Water City Water 7 is an island in the Grand Line best known for it's shipwrights and engineers. Home of the Galley-La Company and Franky Family.


This island is a floating city on the sea with many canals running through the streets. Its advanced architecture includes massive waterfalls and water elevators. The folks' main transportation are the bulls and the sea train. Some of the higher class folks wear masks. The community of Water Seven take pride in Iceberg and his Galley-La company.

Note: For a list of associated characters, please see the full list of characters on this location page.

Key Locations

  • Blue Station - The sea train station that CP9 and their men take to Enies Lobby with Franky and Nico Robin as their prisoners.
  • Blueno's Bar - Franky and Kokoro drink at Blueno's Bar. It is also Franky's pit stop where he stocks up on cola.
  • Dock One - This is the workplace of Galley-La Company's best shipwrights.
  • Franky House - A former home to Franky and his gang until Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper destroyed it to avenge Usopp's honor.
  • Galley-La HQ - This is Iceberg's residence and the place where CP9 had staged their assassination attempt on Iceberg after framing Luffy and his crew.
  • Scrap Island - A manmade island that harbors shipwrecks. As a young boy, Franky uses the leftover materials to build his battle ships.


Shortly after Gold Roger's execution, the Judicial Ship and its men arrests Tom for crafting Oro Jackson, Gold Roger's ship. Though, Tom manages to convince the judge to postpone his execution with the prospects of building a sea paddle train. 10 years later, Tom, Iceberg, and Cutty Flam (Franky) has successively build and created the sea train, the Puffing Tom. Then, Spandam sabotage Tom's chance of being pardoned when he has his men used Franky's battle ships to attack the Judicial Ship. Tom asks the judge to pardon him for the attacks on the judicial ship in exchange for his original sentence because he is proud to have crafted Oro Jackson.

20 years later, Luffy and his crew stop by Water Seven to get their ship fixed. Though, Kaku and the rest of Galley-La informs Luffy and Nami that the Merry Go cannot be repaired due to her keel is beyond repair. After Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji crush Franky Family for Usopp's honor, Luffy and Usopp get in the fight over the Merry Go because Usopp refuses to abandon the Merry Go. With Usopp's defeat and Nico's disappearance, the Straw Hat Crew face a huge crisis. Then, Luffy and his gang are framed for the attempted assassination on Iceberg. Iceberg confirms his intruders are Nico Robin and a masked man. After CP9 has capture Franky and have Nico with them, they depart to Enies Lobby. Luffy, his crew, the Franky Family, and the Galley-La follow CP9 to save their comrades.

General Information Edit
Location Name Water City Water 7
Japanese Name: 水の都ウォーターセブン
Romaji Name: mizu no miyako wōtā sebun
1st manga book: One Piece #34
1st anime episode: One Piece #229
1st anime movie:
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