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Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan

The Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan are a variant of the seventh-generation mass-production Akatsuki that have been customized for squadron leaders of the Black Knights.

Black Knight's Submarine

The Black Knight's Submarine is the submersible transport of the Black Knights and houses their Knightmare Frames during sea missions.


The Burai are an upgraded Glasgow model Knightmare Frames. Frequently used by the Black Knights and Japanese Liberation Front.


The Damocles is a large floating military base that was designed for launching the F.L.E.I.J.A. warheads, created by Schneizel el Britannia as part of his own plot to subjugate the world.


The F.L.E.I.J.A. is a nuclear fission bomb that uses the mineral Sakuradite. It was invented by Nina Einstein.

GN-000 0 Gundam

The 1st Gundam of the Gundam OO series.

GN-0000 00 Gundam

The Succesor to GN-001 Exia, and Celestial Beings only 4th Generation Gundam.

GN-006 Cherudim Gundam

GN-002 Gundam Dynames successor, which similar to the Dynames can use a Sniper Mode. It is piloted by Lyle Dylandy.

GN-007 Arios Gundam

Arios is the successor unit to the GN-003 Gundam Kyrios and similarly can transform into a mobile armor.

GN-008 Seravee Gundam

Successor to the GN-005 Gundam Virtue that carries over the heavy armament concept and the TRANS-AM System.

GNR-010 0 Raiser

0 Raiser is a weapons support fighter that can detach and combine with 00 Gundam.

GNR-101A GN Archer

Archer is an transformable MS weapons support craft that can change to a MS unit and is combinable with the GN-007 Arios Gundam.

GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei

A Gundam from the Trinity team, the GNW-002 Throne Zwei is powered by a GN Drive Tau. Its primary armaments are the GN-Buster Gun, GN Buster Sword and eight GN Fangs which are stored in launchers on both hips that can be used to attack enemies remotely.

GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei

A Gundam from the Trinity team, GNW-003 Throne Drei is powered by a GN Drive Tau and specializes in combat support. Its GN stealth field, which deploys huge pairs of wing-like GN particles over a wide range, is a powerful ability possessed only by this unit.

GNW-20000 Arche Gundam

A remodel version of the Gundam Throne Zwei piloted by Ali Al- Saachez.



GN-XIII is the Earth Sphere Federation/A-Laws main general purpose mass production mobile suits.

GNX-704T/AC Mr. Bushido's Ahead

GNX-704T/AC is Mr. Bushido's Ahead custom close range combat mobile suit.

GNX-704T/SP Ahead Smultron

A Mobile Suit designed to be operated by someone utilizing quantum brainwaves.

GNX-Y901TW Susanowo

The GNX-U02X Masurao is Mr. Bushido's custom close combat mobile suit built by Billy Katagiri to fight Gundams.

GNZ-003 Gadessa

GNZ-003 Gadessa is the 1st (to be seen) Innovator use mobile suit, piloted by Revive Revival and another later by Hilling Care. Its armaments are a GN mega launcher, 2 GN vulcan guns, and a GN beam saber.

GNZ-004 Gaddess

GNZ-004 Gaddess is a mobile suit built for the Innovator Anew Returner. Its primary armaments are a GN Sword, 2 arm mounted GN vulcan guns and 7 GN Fangs.

GNZ-005 Garazzo

GNZ-005 Garazzo is the (2nd to be seen) Innovator use mobile suit its piloted by Bring Stabity and later by Hilling Care (in new colors). Its Equipment/Armaments are GN field generator, GN beam claws (combine into GN beam sabes) , and 2 GN submachine guns.

GSX-401FW Stargazer Gundam

A DSSD unmanned prototype mobile suit intended for exploration of deep space. It harnesses solar wind to accelerate at rapid speeds.


The Gareth is a seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frame, based on the prototype Gawain. Used by the Britannian Army and Glaston Knights.


The Gawain is a custom sixth-generation prototype Knightmare Frame. First belonged to Schneizel but was stolen by Lelouch and Kallen. Piloted by Lelouch & C.C.


The Gekka are custom seventh-generation Knightmare Frames, based on the Guren Mk-II. Piloted by the members of the Four Holy Swords.


The Glasgow is an fourth-generation of Knightmare Frames. Used during the invasion on Japan by the Britannian Empire.

Gun Ru

The Gun Ru is a form of mass-produced Knightmare Frame created by the Chinese Federation. Relatively weak by comparison to other frames, but excess in sheer numbers.

Guren Flight-Enabled

The Guren Flight-Enabled is the repaired and upgraded version of the original Guren Mk-II. Improved with an advanced Radiation Claw and flight ability. Piloted by Kallen Kozuki.

Guren Mk-II

The Guren Mk-II is a seventh-generation prototype Knightmare Frame, developed by Rakshata Chawla with a powerful radiation-emitting arm and increased mobility. Piloted by the Black Knights' Kallen Kozuki.

Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements-Type

Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements is the ultimate in the Ninth Generation KMFs. A mixture of the original Guren and technology of Lloyd Asplund. Piloted by Kallen Kozuki.


The Ikaruga is the flying-armed fortress of the Black Knights and serves as living quarters and dock for their KMFs.

Knight Police

The Knight Police are a mass-production Knightmare Frame model that is used by the Britannian Empire's police force.


The Lancelot is first of the seventh-generation of Knightmare Frames. Created by Lloyd Asplund and assisted by Cecile Croomy. Piloted by Suzaku Kururugi.

Lancelot Albion

Lancelot Albion is the prototype 9th generation knightmare frame built by Lloyd Asplund and Cecilé Croomy. The Albion is an entirely new knightmare frame built from the ground up for Suzaku Kururugi.

Lancelot Frontier

The Lancelot Frontier is a pink-model of the Lancelot that was created using salvaged parts of other Knightmare Frames, equipped with the shield of Percival. Piloted by C.C.

MSN-04 Sazabi

Following the establishment of the second Neo Zeon movement, Char Aznable commissioned Anaheim Electronics to produce a custom-designed mobile suit specifically for his personal use. Painted in his trademark red color scheme and insignia.

Mobile Suit

The primary weapon of war in the Gundam Universe. Mobile Suits are giant humanoid mecha which are capable of land, sea, air, and space combat.

OZ-00MS Tallgeese

The predecessor of all mobile suits used in Gundam Wing, it is also known as the Leo prototype. It eventually is restored by Zechs Merquise, and he pilots it for much of the series.

RX-93 ν Gundam (Nu Gundam)

The ν Gundam is Amuro's personal mobile suit he used during the Second Neo-Zeon War.


The Raikou is a large anti-Knightmare Frame cannon created using the parts for four modified Glasgow KMFs for parts, stability, and maneuvering. Used by the Japanese Liberation Force.

SCV-70 White Base

Made famous by its crew, the White Base faced the most adversity during the One Year War. It became known as the "Trojan Horse" to the Zeon.

Shen Hu

The Shen Hu is a Knightmare Frame created by Rakshata Chawla and piloted by Li Xingke. Originally left un-piloted due to the physical damage it causes the user.


The Shinkirou is a custom eighth-generation Knightmare Frame, created by Rakshata Chawla. It's equipped the Absolute Defense Field, Druid System, and Structural Phase Transition Cannon. Piloted by Lelouch Lamperouge.


The Sutherland are mass-production fifth-generation Knightmare Frames. Upgraded for basic infantry.

Sutherland Sig

The Sutherland Sig is a customized Knightmare Frame using a Sutherland and parts from the wreckage of the Knight Giga Fortress, Siegfried. Piloted by Jeremiah Gottwald.

Tristan Divider

The Tristan Divider is a repaired and upgraded version of the original Tristan, eighth-generation Knightmare Frame; equipped with twin-swords made from the Galahad's destroyed Excalibur. Piloted by Gino Weinberg.

Vincent Ward

The Vincent Ward are seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames, modeled after the Vincent. The weaker of the variants, but still highly effective.

ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

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