Warmonger is an anime episode of Jormungand: Perfect Order that was released on 12/18/2012

Plot Summary

As Jonah points a pistol at Koko, Koko manages to talk him down from pulling the trigger by telling him that she shares his paradoxical hatred of violence yet was forced into a violent world as an arms dealer, until she found a way out through Jormungand to forcibly bring peace to the world. Jonah decides not to shoot Koko, but runs away and ends up joining Kaspar's team.

While Koko's team talks about their future, Koko herself hears from Dr. Miami that someone has been snooping around her bank accounts, and in response calls up CIA Agent George Black personally. She sets up a meeting with him in North Africa.

When Black arrives on the scene, he discovers that both an African militia and a US Navy rescue team have arrived at the same time and place. After the Navy rescues him from the militia, Black overhears one of the seaman talking about "Operation Undershaft," confirming that Koko set the entire operation to demonstrate how Jormungand can control digital information everywhere. Black laughs as he realizes that he has no more moves left to play against Koko.

Meanwhile, NSA Agent Tory Plame who sent the SEAL Team 9 after her men is arrested by security on suspicion of trying to have Black killed by the same militia.

Characters & Voice Actors

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