Wandering:Dear... is an anime episode of Guilty Crown that was released on 02/23/2012

After Gai destroys the enemy bombers, Inori and Shu escape. Arisa decides to work under Gai's orders, and Gai has the world on its knees due to his leukocytes. Meanwhile, Okina plans to confront Arisa.

What does Okina have plans in store for Arisa and why does Gai want Inori?

Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"The Everlasting Guilty Crown" by EGOIST

Arisa protects
Arisa protects

Shu struggles with his dismembered arm while Gai stares at him. Daryl gets an order to protect Gai. Then, the bombers drop their bombs on Japan. Gai takes out the Voids from three students who were the ones that try to kill Shu. He fires a missile at the plane which explodes. In the process, those students die and disintegrate. When Ayase and Tsugumi asks Gai, a student tries to kill Gai only to get her Void destroyed by an Enclave. When an Endlave tries to attack Tsugumi, Daryl shoots down the Endlave and moves to kill Gai. Arisa moves in to protect Gai, and Gai looks back at the crater where Inori and Shu are missing. Arisa asks Gai if she's useful. Meanwhile, a war fleet is bombed. The assembly of nations receive a message from Gai about how he has Leukocytes watching their every move. (Kenji Kido is seen in a computer room).

Arisa faces off Okina
Arisa faces off Okina

Three days later, Oogumo and a lady listen to Okina. He tells her to handle the negotiations after the lady tells him that Arisa is in Tokyo. Meanwhile, Haruka feels guilty and relieved that Shu has lost his King's Powers in the shower. In Tokyo, the soldiers patrol the area, and Arisa wonders why Gai wants Inori at some base. In a GHQ prison, Shibungi defeats Makoto in chess while Daryl tries to recover from his wounds. Makoto promises him that they get an audience with Gai. In Tokyo, Inori offers Shu some food. Shu apologizes to Inori. Arisa's group gets ambushed by Okina. Arisa stops the shooting, and Okina tells her that she gets no reward from Gai. Okina explains that the boy (Shu) is useless. He quickly kills two men and prepares to kill Arisa. Yet, Arisa kills Okina who says he has become soft. Inori learns that she is their target, but she gets surrounded by thugs. Inori blacks out and wakes up to see the men all killed.

Inori hugs Shu goodbye
Inori hugs Shu goodbye

In an abandoned building, Shu looks over his photos and reminisces about the good times. He spots a boy who wants his food and walks away to allow the boy to eat. Inori finds Shu and hugs him hard. Somehow, she finds herself attempting to give Shu, oral sex. Shu stops her, and Inori feels ashamed and cries. Later, Inori wakes up to see two rice balls on a tray for her. Inori thinks she will end up killing Shu. Her evil side (Mana) tells her to come back to her. Inori remembers Funnel doing the knot thing and Shu asking her about Voids. Inori moves on and sings to keep herself sane. Shu finds her and ends up crying. Inori tells Shu not to hate himself as she hugs him closely. When an army of Endlave moves in, Inori tells Shu that she will be a decoy to lure them. She makes Shu fall asleep. Before she leaves, she kisses Shu. Inori faces the many Endlave and destroys them with her crystal-like daggers. Many thoughts flow through Inori. She feels proud despite she is a fake. Suddenly, Gai fires an arrow that has Inori tied up. Gai calls her a monster for teaming up with a human. Shortly, Shu wakes up to realize Inori is gone.

Closing theme:

"Kokuhaku" by Supercell

Points of Interest

  • Inori realizes that she kills people and that she is a fake due to Mana's presence in her.
Guilty Crown Ep. 18 End Card - Eyecatch
Guilty Crown Ep. 18 End Card - Eyecatch

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Ichiro Okochi Series Composition Ichirō Ōkouchi is a novelist and screenplay writer. He wrote the screnplay for the anime series Code Geass, Code Geass R2, and Eureka Seven.
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