Wally Buchanan

Wally Buchanan is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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An old friend of Erza's, during her days as a slave building the Tower of Heaven. He now works for Jellal and believes Erza betrayed him and his friends.


Wally is strange-looking mage who dresses up as his hero he has seen during his childhood. He likes the catch phrase "dandy." His powers is a gun.

Tower of Heaven Arc

 Wally meets Natsu at the casino, and shoots him in the mouth. After Wally's group has successfully kidnap Erza and Natsu and his friends reach the Tower of Heaven, Wally bumps into Natsu again. This time, Natsu is in Millianna's cat themed room and he is wearing a giant cat helmet on his head. Although Wally has a good shot at Natsu, Wally fails because of Millianna who would not hurt Natsu. (he meowed) Instead of attacking Natsu, Millianna attacks Wally. Natsu takes advantage and defeats Millianna.
After the magic council has begin preparing to fire etherion on the tower, Wally and Millianna take Lucy and Juvia so they can evacuate the tower. 
The aftermath of the Tower of Heaven Arc ( ep 41)
Shou, Wally, and Millianna tries to leave Erza because they do not want to burden
Erza's friends won't forget her
Erza's friends won't forget her
their sister. They also want to live for themselves because that is freedom to them. However, Erza and her friends prepare a farewell ceremony with fireworks.
Wally and his friends cries tearfully as they will not ever forget Erza.


At the end of the Nirvana Arc, Erza tells Hoteye who wants to find his lost brother. Hoteye tells Erza that Wally is his brother, and the team are in shocked. Erza reassures him that Wally is traveling the world with his companions Shou and Millianna.


Wally has the power to break himself as blocks to attack his enemies, and he uses a gun to deliver powerful attacks, too.
General Information Edit
Name: Wally Buchanan
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #10
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #33
1st anime movie:
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