Walkure Romanze: Shojo Kishi Monogatari

Walkure Romanze: Shojo Kishi Monogatari is an anime series in the Walkure Romanze franchise
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The anime adaptation is based on Ricotta's adult video game for the PC where the player attempts to date, wed, and mate with one out of the 4 potential heroines.


Based on Ricotta's video game, it's an anime adaptation directed by Yusuke Yamamoto and produced by 8-Bit.


For audiences outside of Japan, Crunchyroll is legally streaming the anime series worldwide except Asia. Its simulcasts airs every Sunday starting on October 6, 2013 at 9:30 am Pacific Time.


Takahiro Mizuno (水野貴弘 Mizuno Takahiro)
Voiced by: Seiichirō Yamashita
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Celia Cumani Aintree (スィーリア・クマーニ・エイントリー Suiiria Kumaani Eintorii)
Voiced by: Kei Mizusawa
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Mio Kisaki (希咲美桜 Kisaki Mio)
Voiced by: Ai Shimizu
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Noel Marres Ascot (ノエル・マーレス・アスコット Noeru Maaresu Asukotto)
Voiced by: Eriko Nakamura
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Lisa Eostre (リサ・エオストレ Risa Eosutore)
Voiced by: Hiroko Taguchi
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Theme Music

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General Information Edit
Name Walkure Romanze: Shojo Kishi Monogatari
Name: ワルキューレ ロマンツェ 少女騎士物語
Romaji: Warukyūre Romanze Shōjo Kishi Monogatari
Publisher Ricotta
Start Year 2013
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Aliases Walkure Romanze More & More
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