Does anyone know Wakfu ?

Topic started by Ryokan on July 14, 2011. Last post by Addfwyn 3 years, 8 months ago.
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Because I swear it's a f...king good anime. Yeaj sure, it's french, but so what ? They've roll a twenty on this one ! 


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Bump ?
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How good is this anime? I know another French made anime, Oban Star Racers.

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I watched a few episodes of the first season, it was suprisingly pretty cool.
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I know Wakfu. It is French, and it is pretty good. Funny stuff, and gorgeously smooth animation.

I think it's based on a game too - or there is a game of it.

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It's very fun and very good !
There's a lot of humor, but there's still some drama and the animation is good. 
The plot isn't as intricate as, let's say, Avatar : the Last Airbender, but it's stay interesting. The show seems childish, at first, but some of the lines are really "adult oriented" and there's a lot of shout-out and references. (D&D, blood bowl.) 
The actions is going crescendo on the first season, the drama follow accordingly.  

I used to see it with my 3 years Daughter, she liked it, and so did I. 
I do not know Oban Star Racer, but It seems cool, I will check it. 
Here's the opening (In french).
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I came across this show on a random userchanel on YouTube, since them, I was hooked. Glad to see I am not the only one here who knows about the show.
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I didn't even realize there was an anime, but I played the dofus game a bit. Haven't got wakfu to work in my region, but I have that downloaded as well.

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