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Wagnaria!!, also known as Working!!, is a comedic anime the follows the day-to-day things that happen at the Wagnaria Family Restaurant.

The Wagnaria Family Restaurant is short a waiter during a busy period and a new one must be found. Poplar Taneshima. a waitress at the restaurant, recruits Sota Takanashi off of the street and he begins to work at the restaurant. Little does he know what awaits him there; from a combative waitress with an intense fear of men, which results in Sota getting beaten up on a regular basis, to the katana carrying heard waitress, Sota's life will never be the same!

Main Characters

Sota Takanashi

Sota Takanashi
Sota Takanashi

Sota, a 16-year old waiter at the Wagnaria restaurant, is the male lead of the series. He has a love of all things cute and small, which is how Poplar Taneshima, an unusually small and cute 17-year old, was able to recruit him for employment.

Sota proves himself to be a hard worker and very reliable. He is friendly with all of his coworkers, including Mahiru Inami, who has a fear of men and subjects Sota to physical assaults multiple times per episode. For all of his positive aspects, Sota has terrible tact which often gets him into trouble with his manager, Kyouko Shirafuji.

Poplar Taneshima

Poplar Taneshima
Poplar Taneshima
Poplar is a 17-year old waitress at the Wagnaria restaurant. Despite her age she has the appearance and physical build, minus breast size, of an elementary school student. She is the person responsible for recruiting Sota Takanashi , who joined solely because he has an infatuation with small and/or cute things, whether they be people or water fleas. She is friends with everyone at Wagnaria, generally energetic and upbeat, and a hard worker. Her small stature often means that she often needs help from her peers when carrying heavy objects or retrieving things from high places.

Mahiru Inami

Mahiru Inami
Mahiru Inami
Mahiru is a waitress at the Wagnaria restaurant. When it comes to women, she is very kind and outgoing. However, she has a deep fear of men and when around them her demeanor becomes very timid and she is prone to intense acts of violence at random. She does this because her father brainwashed her into believing that all men, including himself although this was an accidental side-effect, were evil and out to hurt her.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Yoshimasa Hiraike
Kenichi Tajiri
Mitsuhiro Karato
Karino Takatsu
Shingo Adachi
Katsuhiko Kitada
Yasuomi Umetsu

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Name Wagnaria!!
Name: ワーキング!!
Romaji: Waakingu!!
Publisher A-1 Pictures
Start Year 2010
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Aliases Working!!
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