Wabutora is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Wabutora is a chef of great skill, and is perhaps the most skilled chef in the world when it comes to cooking with oil. His skill and renown have earned him the 14th place on the IGO Chef Ranking, making him one of the most skilled chefs in the entire world.


Not much is currently known about Wabutora's origins. Only that he acquired the necessary skills to achieve 14th place in the world Chef ranking.


Wabutora is a supporting protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Much of Wabutora's evolution is currently unknown aside from his great reputation as a Chef.


Chef Wabutora
Chef Wabutora

Wabutora is a tall, dark skinned man of an athletic physique. He is muscular but not at the level of someone like Toriko. He has a cleft chin, a small goatee and long ears that extend down to his chin. He is typically seen wearing a long black robe with minor ornamentation on it.


Wabutora seems familiar with many of the top ranked Chefs. He also formed a friendly relationship with Komatsu.

Story Arcs

Cooking Festival Arc

Wabutora almost passed by Zaus and Ton
Wabutora almost passed by Zaus and Ton

Wabutora is formally introduced in the Cooking island arc at the Cooking Festival where only the top 100 ranked Chefs in the world are allowed to compete in. There he meets with Komatsu who had recently entered into the top 100 ranks, and thanks him for discovering the Mors Oil and says that he has already utilized it in his cooking. Shortly after, the Cooking Festival begins with a race to the designated ingredients for the Chefs to use. It is a race by water and Wabutora gets an early lead by using his Water Repelling ability, which allows him to run on water rather than swim. However he is eventually passed by top seeded Chefs, Setsuno, Zaus and Ton but finishes the race at a respectable 4th place. Afterwards, Wabutora is able to pass all the preliminaries and was able to reach the championship, however the Festival is cut short by the abrupt arrival of the Bishokukai.

Wabutora shows his fighting prowess, by taking down what is presumably a Scum Beast with his Yuden Age technique. While making few appearances for the remainder of the battle, Wabutora is seen relatively unharmed in the aftermath of the battle and managed to avoid capture at the hands of the Bishokukai, unlike many of his colleagues. He is later seen with Chef Setsuno and several other Chefs at Nono's ice mountain that she made to preserve enormous amounts of food in the instance of a crisis, which had occurred thanks to the Bishokukai (primarily their Boss Midora), who's damage was so widespread that hundreds of countries lacked the necessary resources to feed themselves.

Billion Bird Arc

Chef Wabutora and several of the other top ranked Chefs of the world gathered once President Ichiryuu's full Course had been gathered at last by the 4 Heavenly Kings. Once they had successfully succeeded in preparing the course, the result was the birth of the thought to be extinct, Billion Bird. When Toriko frightened it, it suddenly began to lay an enormous amount of eggs. The value of the billion Bird was that it had a lifespan reputed to be in the millions of years and during that immense lifespan, it could lay a limitless amount of eggs. This was the Full Course of President Ichiryuu and it single handedly prevented the world from starving as Midora had wrecked most of the Human World's harvests. Immediately thereafter, Chef Wabutora and the other top Chefs re-opened their closed restaurants and began preparing the recently hatched Billion Bird and Billion Bird eggs in their masterful ways as the down side to the billion bird was that the taste was awful. Wabutora personally created the new dishes, Billion Bird Fried Chicken, Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Cutlet, stating that his heart was racing as it had been a long time since he was able to prepare raw ingredients in oil. He had lines outside of his restaurant waiting to eat his dishes.

Powers & Abilities

Master Chef

Wabutora's cooking
Wabutora's cooking

Wabutora is considered one of the greatest Chefs alive with the excellent ranking of 14th in the world. He specializes in the usage of oil, hence his nickname Oil User Wabutora. He was noted by Joejoe that among all the top Chefs, he would be one of the more difficult ones to capture. Indeed, he managed to avoid capture.

Ougi: Yuden Age:

Wabutora emits large quantities of hot oil from his arms and attacks his opponents with great speed, literally frying the victim.

Water Repel:

Water Repel
Water Repel

Wabutora emits oil from his feet which allows him to run on liquid surfaces such as water.

General Information Edit
Name: Wabutora
Name: わぢとら
Romanji: Wabutora
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Oil User
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