VT is a anime/manga character in the Cowboy Bebop franchise
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VT is a Space Trucker from Cowboy Bebop

Heavy Metal Queen:

VT is a space trucker who uses the call-sign Heavy Metal Queen, she travels with her cat Zeros and is well liked among other truckers, and people in general. VT has a standing wager amongst anyone who is willing to put up the cash, if they can guess what her initials stand for then they get the entire stack of cash she has accumulated from all those who guessed wrong over the years. Though she is tough, VT is very kind towards people, with the exception of bounty hunters, who she has a very low opinion of.

When a group of three bounty hunters named the Memphis Brothers harassed a waitress named Muriel VT was quick to intervene and was helped by Spike Spiegel, the pair made short work of the trio, at which point VT made her dislike of bounty hunters very verbally known to Spike (not knowing he was one at the time) and then offered to treat Spike to drinks.

Spike orders a hangover cure called a prairie oyster, and VT makes the comment that Spike is only the second person she had met who actually drink “those disgusting things” Spike in turn asks who the first was, to which VT replies fondly “It was my husband” shortly three old men try to guess VT’s name, incorrectly of course, and Spike asks if he can try, but before he can guess Jet radios him, revealing Spike is also a bounty hunter to VT who smiles and then promptly throws Spike's money back in his face and refuses to pay for his drink as well.

Shortly there after VT finds Spike sitting on the curb hitch-hiking and finds out that the bounty hunters who they beat up smashed up his ship, VT decides to give Spike a ride to the Bebop, Spike asks if a friend (Faye) can come along too. During the ride back Faye is very annoyed by VT cranking heavy metal music at maximum volume, but VT won’t turn it down and points out that a lot of people find it soothing.

Later after dropping off Spike and Faye, VT receives a radio transmission from another space trucker who had been sideswiped by a reckless pilot, one who from the description of the ship VT knew to be the guy the bounty hunters had been after (Decker) and decides to go after him herself, and with the help of other truckers tracks him down, Spike discovers she has located him and tries to warn her off, but VT ignores him, thinking Spike is only interested in the money not her safety.   A chase ensues with VT, Spike, and Faye all pursuing Decker in separate ships to the Linus Mines, but during the chase Decker makes a reckless move and is killed by an explosion caused by both wrecking his ship and a small portion of the illegal explosives he was smuggling going off. A bad situation is pointed out to be worse by Spike who points out they are on top of an old excel mine and it’s reactors are ready to blow. VT, Spike, and Faye execute a desperate and dangerous escape plan, Spike opens the cockpit of his craft and tries to get to VT’s ships in the airless vacuum of space but drifts away just short of VT’s hand, he then uses his guns to change his trajectory and his second attempt to reach VT is a success and the trio escape the explosions that ensue.

On VT’s ship Spike catches his breath as a locket floats by and catches his attention, he then says “Thanks for the help,   Victoria Telpsicorei” and reveals that he knows who she is because he recognizes her husbands picture. VT then hands Spike the huge wad of cash he has rightfully won, but Spike only takes enough to pay for the drink she said she would buy him earlier and tells her to give the rest to her husband, who had taught Spike about the hangover cure drink he had ordered  to begin with.

 Powers and Abilities:

VT has a lot of skills, though none are beyond human capacity, she is very strong, a skilled fighter, and an expert driver/pilot.

Appears in Cowboy Bebop Session #7: Heavy Metal Queen

Voiced by
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Melodee M. Spevack
General Information Edit
Name: VT
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Cowboy Bebop #7
1st anime movie:
Aliases Victoria Telpsicorei
Heavy Metal Queen
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