Shaman King #9 - Voyage of the Shaman

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 05/02/2006

Plot Summary

Japanese Release Date: June 2, 2000
American Release Date: May 2, 2006
Chapter List:
Reincarnation 72 - A Tale of Two Men
Yoh frees Ren and Jun Tao.  At first, Ren does not want help from Yoh, but Yoh insists. Ren and Yoh quickly run to the top after defeating the torture brothers.

Reincarnation 73 - Warth of the Dao-She Maiden
Ren and Yoh finds Ryu and Horohoro defeated by a man who turns out to Sha-Wen's soul infused into a genetically modified corpse. (head of the 5 curse squad) Jun Tao and Bailong defeat Sha-Wen and the shamans move on to face Tao Yuan.

Reincarnation 74 - Tao Yúan: The Immortal Secret
The shamans fight Tao Yuan, but fail to injure Tao Yuan since he does not feel their blows. Ren struggles to know why.
Reincarnation 75 - Over Soul: Dà Dào Wáng
Tao Yuan asks why Ren is putting so much effort in fighting him and why does he sacrifice himself for others. Finally, Ren realizes Tao Yuan is a big oversoul and his real self is smaller. Because when one's mana wavers, the oversoul becomes weaker. However, Tao Yuan reveals his many mortuary tablets that contains many souls of the Tao ancestor and he merges them all into a giant oversoul dragon. (Dà  Dào Long)  Yet, Ren defeats his father's oversoul.

Reincarnation 76 - The End of the Tao 
Grandpa Zhen and Ren's mother stops the fight. Yoh and his companions eat dinner, but does not understand why. Grandpa Zhen explains good and evil have little meaning in an ever-changing world. Ren heads off on his horse and his father who is riding on a dragon gives Ren his treasured sword, Bao Lei, to Ren (Jewel Thunder)

Reincarnation 77 - Shamen on the Road
ch. 77 Special scene
ch. 77 Special scene

Reincarnation 78 - The Future King
Hao and Hao's followers reveal themselves to Yoh and his team. 

Reincarnation 79 - Patch Airlines
Yoh thinks Hao looks like Silva and him. The airplane dematerializes because the Patch is testing them on how they survive. Only the best shamans can reach the village of the Patch in 3 months.

Reincarnation 80 - Sky High    
Yoh and his team search for the village of the Patch.
*Still a lot of unknown characters show up such as Hao's followers.

3,000 leagues to Funarbari Hill-
Manta feels lonely without his friends as he walks around town.

Cameo appearances

Due to pages 132-133 (many portraits of shamans)
Hao's Followers
Hao's Followers

Lyserg, Iron Maiden Jeanne, and many other unknown shamans are on this page.
Characters that are not in wiki base: Hao's followers like BoZ monks, Ren's grandpa and mother


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Hiroyuki Takei artist, colorer, cover, inker, penciler, production, writer,



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