Vows Towards the Future

Vows Towards the Future is an anime episode of Rave Master that was released on 09/28/2002

Symphonia Arc

Vows towards the Future -未来への誓い- (Mirai e no Chikai)

Released on 9-28-2002

Further Mysteries, Part 2

Released on 7-31-2005

Short Plot Summary

Elie moves on through the woods after she and her friends realize the necklace around the skeleton is the same as hers. When she approaches the grave, she remembers more about her past. She remembers her birthday, her parents, her etherion ability (proves she did not get that ability from an experiment), and a man named Kam.

Back at the ship, everyone reunites, and Haru and Sieg Hart make a vow to defeat Lucia and to keep fighting until the world is safe. Hiro Mashima makes an appearance.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Higher and Higher" by Kumoko

"Rave-olution" by Reel Big Fish

Skeleton's Necklace
Skeleton's Necklace

A skeleton frightens Elie while the others stare at it.Sieg Hart and Let figure that the barrier magic prevent the empire from finding this place while the skeleton here activated the magic. Ruby points out that the necklace around the skeleton is the same as Elie's. Elie states that she got the necklace in Bonita and that she engraved it before losing her memory. When Haru flip the necklace, the back is the same as Elie. Let sees something behind the skeleton, but the others do not see it. Elie moves forward past the skeleton. Elie discovers a grave with a necklace hanging on the cross. She reads the grave stone, and it says Resha Valentine. Elie remembers she has been here with a person named Kam.

Elie's Birthday
Elie's Birthday

In a flashback, she remembers talking to her dad. The mother makes the father take Elie to the zoo. When Elie mentions the horse and betting, the mom quickly finds out that the father took her to the race track. Young Elie thinks which horse would be first place. The father and young Elie walk home after winning lots of money. When the father asks Elie what she would be, Elie replies that she wants to be a bug. Before coming home, the mom surprises her by throwing her fifth birthday. Elie notices that she can use Etherion (young Elie blows out the candles with Etherion) when she was little.


In another flashback, she remembers a person who traveled with her to various places like the Tower of Din. She remembers that the man has a blue crest on the right side of the face (overlapping the right eye). The man with the blue crest is Kam who knew Gale Glory. The flashback ends with Elie wanting to remember her parents.

Elie tries to figure out if Kam was referring to Haru's father or King. The forest starts to turn back to the desert, and the skeleton disappears as well. Everyone reunite with Elie. Sieg Hart asks Elie if she can control Etherion, but Elie says no. Elie states that she had this power since she was child, so no experiments gave her that power. Elie reassures everyone will find out the answers.

Back at Demon Card, the Oracion Seis talk about Doryu, Elie, and rebuilding Demon Card. Julius says they have to find sixth member. Haja states that they need a final thing until a soldier is tossed out of the throne room. The Oracion Seis finds some of the soldiers are killed while Lucia Raregroove announces himself. Haja gives Lucia, the Decalogue sword, and he bows down to Lucia who is the inheritor of Raregroove.

Exchanging Vows
Exchanging Vows

Back at Symphonia, Hebi arrives with the ship, and he tells them that the Death Storm has disappeared. Sieg Hart thinks that Elie's etherion is the cause. Let asks Sieg Hart how he made it through the Death Storm. He replies that he use magic. When Musica thinks he can do magic, Sieg Hart tells Musica to give it up. He states that Elie and Ruby can use magic. Griffon Kato asks Sieg Hart to strip Elie with magic, but he gets ignored. When Sieg Hart tells Haru that he will not go with them, Haru and Sieg Hart make a vow to meet here after obtaining the Rave. They also make a vow to fight Lucia Raregroove.

*A song "All I need is Rave" begins.

Watching the sunset
Watching the sunset

Elie bids Resha, goodbye. Sieg Hart thinks that if Elies uses Etherion, she may forfeit her life like Resha did. However, Sieg Hart tries to believe in Elie. Haru grabs Elie's hand before the airship goes off in the sky. Hebi tells Hiro Mashima to sing for them. Elie wonders about a casino, Ruby says he will practice magic, and the others tell Mashima to keep playing.

Closing Theme

"Hikousen" by Kumoko

"The Power of Destiny" by Jennifer Paige

Points of Interests

  • A song "All I need is Rave" plays before the episode ends.
  • Hiro Mashima's cartoon sprite appears in this episode. He plays the guitar.
Hiro Mashima
Hiro Mashima

Characters & Voice Actors

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Ayako Kawasumi ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Doug Stone ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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Showtaro Morikubo ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Takashi Watanabe Director A Japanese director who was best known for directing Slayers, Lost Universe and Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō.
Hiro Mashima Writer The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Kenji Kawai Music A Japanese composer known for his work in Mamoru Oshii's movies.


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