Binbō-gami ga! #9 - Volume 9

is a manga book published by JUMP Comics that was released on 03/04/2011

Plot Summary

Suwano and his village are all happy to hear that Ichiko is visiting them. But when Keita and Sorata appear with her, Suwano becomes incredibly defensive. While the two of them talk things over, Ichiko meets with Suwano's new wife Sumire. Ichiko also discovers that Momiji hitched a ride in her luggage to mess things up.

As the days go on, Ichiko sees an album full of old baby pictures, including one of her parents that she tears up due to bad relations with them. Sumire manages to calm her down. Elsewhere, Kumagai tries to sort out Momiji's Misfortune God Items, but a pair of villagers mistake them for donated raffle prizes and take them away.

Later, when the various items are accidentally activated, Momiji and Ichiko have to race to stop them before they destroy Suwano's new home. The items cause new conflicts among the various characters, but Momiji is able to collect them all.

As Ichiko heads back home, Ichiko's father Kazuma rides into town as a member of the band "The Wild Horses," but Ichiko continues trying to shut him out of her life. He wants to give her a ticket to his next show to apologize for disappearing throughout her life, and Ichiko's friends all try to help him deliver it, but Ichiko herself won't budge. Later they try using a Misfortune God item to give Kazuma motivation to continue, but it only results in trapping him in a dream world by accident on the day of his performance.

With no other options available, Ichiko and Momiji don similar dream helmets to Kazuma while the others stall for time before the concert. Ichiko is angry at her dad for only seeing her as a tiny little innocent girl, but Kazuma feels angry at himself for not being there for Ichiko. After a rigged 2-person game of Old Maid, Ichiko and Kazuma finally reconcile in time for the concert, then later Kazuma says his goodbyes as his band travels to their next stop in Japan. However, Momiji gets the odd feeling that some other god was watching them inside the dream world.

Chapter List

  • Round 38: "Such kind words for me...!!"
  • Round 39: I Don't Want It
  • Round 40: I Can't Forget It That Easily
  • Round 41: Something That Was Directed Only At Me
  • Round 42: It Will Tear Off His Brain Cells
  • Round 43: After 16 Years...!


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About this Manga Cover
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