xxxHOLiC #9 - Volume 9

is a manga book published by Del Rey Manga that was released on 07/17/2007

Plot Summary

The 9th volume in the chronicles of Kimihiro Watanuki and the wish granting shop where he works.
Without realizing it, Kimihiro Watanuki has purchased a dream. According to Yuko Ichihara, the mysterious space-time witch, people usually buy good dreams- but Kimihiro's dream is a man-eating nightmare. Even worse, it has come true! Then Kimihiro meets a wistful girl who, like him, can see the spirit world. Together they try to prevent a harmless ghost from being exorcised from its beloved resting place, an ancient cherry tree. The girl's mother wants her to have nothing to do with Kimihiro, but the spirits say otherwise...



Honorifics Explained

 A short explanation of the various honorifics in Japanese culture, and their usage within the language.


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CLAMP artist, colorer, cover, inker, writer,



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