Gantz #9 - Volume 9

is a manga book published by Dark Horse that was released on 03/03/2010

Plot Summary

Sometimes big things come in small packages. And our Gantz hero, Kei, might want to consider that in this volume of the frantic and weird, angsty and sexy manga by Hiroya Oku.

Gantz's cross between the real world of teenage complications and the totally sci-fi concept of aliens occupying an unwitting Earth is a hit with a cross section of comics and manga readers. Each volume brings new challenges and frustrations, and plenty of sex and violence.

--- Dark Horse


  • Chapter 95. "Long Jump"
  • Chapter 96. "Fight Scene in the Sky"
  • Chapter 97. "Pangs"
  • Chapter 98. "Being Played"
  • Chapter 99. "Deranged"
  • Chapter 100. "Time Limit"
  • Chapter 101. "The Game of Life"
  • Chapter 102. "Class Breakdown"
  • Chapter 103. "Absent-Minded > Insecure"
  • Chapter 104. "Justice"
  • Chapter 105. "The Final Target"
  • Chapter 106. "Existence Revealed"


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