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is a manga book published by Kadokawa Shoten that was released on 08/26/2010
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Deadman Wonderland Vol. 8 JPN (Aug 2010)
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 8 JPN (Aug 2010)

Hello again vice, it is I, M. It’s time for our daily ride in Deadman wonderland, The Circus keeps moving entering in this time with Volume 8. A continuation in the Forgeries arc as it begins to come to a close I sense. So shall we begin? Buckle in tight this one’s going to be an intense performance.

Volume 8 continues the Forgeries arc as The Deadmen crew team up with the former warden and her staff to bring down the promoter and his Forgeries. This Volume follows each of the Deadmen crew in separate fights all to give Ganta, Shiro, and Azami time to shut down the Mask control and free the Forgeries from the promoter’s control.

This volume follows up the pervious exactly as I suspected, after a huge build up in plot and tension this one is all one big battle, each member of the Deadmen crew getting their own fight with a bit of the background of each explored with it. While formulaic the payoff is excellent as is the matches. Focused and fairly brutal as a fan of well done action I found myself happy to watch the pay off of that rather combat less volume previously. Each fight comes off with a bit of style and a lot of substance without feeling too clustered of confused seeing as each are done individually with even somewhat silly but fairly fun verses screens.

The main downfall might be simply that there isn’t much aside from the action, but considering that this volume chronicles mostly with a single massive battle, it doesn’t feel off at all. It’s difficult to criticize something that is setting out to really only hit one story beat; the fight for Deadman Wonderland itself. The story does pick up at the end though and there are small little insights into the characters so even then it’s a difficult thing to complain about. Aside from that a few nick picks about people fighting harder not smarter come to mind but seem like shallow complaints to an overall positive experience.

I like where the volume lets off and the direction it’s moving in, the arc is pretty decent even if not exactly inventive. This Volume completes its goal very well, not in a way that I would call it masterful, but damn well, even great. Scores a much more comfortable and stable 4 back stories out of 5, not a distinct improvement, but also not as close to falling out as the previous. Well Vice that’s all for today, hope you enjoyed our ride, the carnival still has three more rides for us before it has to leave, so I hope to be keeping up with my quest. See you tomorrow Vice.

Oh and don't forget, Mockingbirds got some plans of his own.
Oh and don't forget, Mockingbirds got some plans of his own.
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