Yotsuba&! #8 - Volume 8

is a manga book published by Yen Press that was released on 08/27/2008

Plot Summary

Yen Press Edition Release Date: April 30, 2010

The ranch wasn’t fun, huh? But maybe festivals will be less funner?! (Yotsuba’s playing opposites, ha-ha!) Yotsuba got uninvited to Fuuka’s school for a culr…a clart…a cultural festival! And she didn’t promise Yotsuba there wouldn’t be CAKE! Yotsuba doesn’t want a cake as biiiiiig as Jumbo, nope!! You wouldn’t either, now would you?! Ohhh! And then, and then! There ISN’T gonna be a great big festival for the whole town to go to! And Yotsuba isn’t gonna work hard and help out there with Ena and Fuuka, nuh-uh! Not even for candy, nooooo way!

In the 8th volume of Yotsuba released by Yen Press Yotsuba has just come back from the farm and still in fun mode. Her seemingly endless amount of energy gets her into more fun, and trouble. Yotsuba experiences her first typhoon and almost get carried away by the wind, has lunch with tora, goes to the school culture festival, and more.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 49: Yotsuba & Opposites (よつばとあべこべ "Yotsuba to Abekobe")
  • Chapter 50: Yotsuba & the Restaurant (よつばとれすとらん "Yotsuba to Resutoran")
  • Chapter 51: Yotsuba & the Cultural Festival (よつばと文化祭 "Yotsuba to Bunkasai")
  • Chapter 52: Yotsuba & the Typhoon (よつばとたいふう "Yotsuba to Taifū")
  • Chapter 53: Yotsuba & Watching the House (よつばとるすばん "Yotsuba to Rusuban")
  • Chapter 54: Yotsuba & the Festival (よつばとおまつり "Yotsuba to Omatsuri")
  • Chapter 55: Yotsuba & Acorns (よつばとどんぐり "Yotsuba to Donguri")


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