Akame Ga Kill! #8 - Volume 8

is a manga book published by Square Enix that was released on 07/22/2013

Plot Summary

Night Raid make preparations to eliminate their target in the "Path of Peace" religious movement while the Jaegers take this opportunity to try and hunt them down. The Prime Minister sends a team of deadly killers to further protect Night Raid's target and Mine and Seryu have their fateful rematch.


  • Extra Chapter: Kill the Reminiscences
  • Chapter 34: Kill the Demons (Part 1) ()
  • Chapter 35: Kill the Demons (Part 2) ()
  • Chapter 36: Kill the Fate (Part 1) ()
  • Chapter 37: Kill the Fate (Part 2) ()
  • Chapter 38: Kill the Fate (Part 3) ()


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Takahiro writer,
Tetsuya Tashiro artist, cover,


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