Case Closed #75 - Volume 75

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 04/14/2012

Plot Summary

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 785: The Mistress' Confession (奥様の告白文 "Oku-sama no Kokuhakubun")
  • Chapter 786: The Optical Illusion Between Parent and Child (親子の間の錯視 "Oyako no Aida no Sakushi")
  • Chapter 787: Kogorou-san is a Good Man (小五郎さんはいい人 "Kogorō-san wa Ii Hito")
  • Chapter 788: The Real Sleeping Kogorou (本物の眠りの小五郎 "Honmono no Nemuri no Kogorō")
  • Chapter 789: The Imposter Kogorou's Great Deduction (偽小五郎の名推理 "Nise Kogorō no Meisuiri")
  • Chapter 790: The Object of Detective Chiba's First Love (千葉刑事の初恋の人 "Chiba Keiji no Hatsukoi no Hito")
  • Chapter 791: Do You Not Remember? (覚えてませんか? "Oboetemasen ka?")
  • Chapter 792: Could You Possibly Be... (君ってもしかして・・・ "Kimitte Moshikashite...")
  • Chapter 793: Private Eye (プライベートアイ "Puraibēto Ai")
  • Chapter 794: Genome (遺伝子情報 "Genomu")
  • Chapter 795: Destined to Re-Enter The Flames (炎へと回帰する運命 "Honō e to kaiki suru unmei")


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