Akame Ga Kill! #7 - Volume 7

is a manga book published by Square Enix that was released on 02/22/2013

Plot Summary

Tiring of too many close calls and being on the defensive, Najenda decides that it's time Night Raid took the fight to the Jägers. Using a feint, Night Raid trick their enemies into splitting into two teams, then they attack one of the divided groups with their full force. Their numerical advantage immediately evaporates however, when the Jäger Kurome uses her Imperial Arm to summon 8 of her previous victims.


  • Chapter 29: Kill the Jeagers (イェーガーズを斬る Iēgāzu wo Kiru)
  • Chapter 30: Kill the Puppets (Part 1) (人形を斬る(前編) Ningyō o Kiru (Zenpen))
  • Chapter 31: Kill the Puppets (Part 2) (人形を斬る(後編) Ningyō o Kiru (Kōhen))
  • Chapter 32: Kill the Curse (呪縛を斬る Jubaku o Kiru)
  • Chapter 33: Kill the Strengthened Human (強化人間を斬る Kyōka Ningen o Kiru)


  • The cross-over bonus chapters continue, with Tatsumi & Lubbock entering the world of Arachnid.
  • In the original magazine version of the chapter, Tatsumi is saved from being stabbed in the head when the helmet portion of Incursio forms a mouth and catches the blade with its teeth. In the Tankobon, Incursio doesn't change shape, the blade is simply repelled by the sturdiness of the helmet.


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Takahiro writer,
Tetsuya Tashiro artist, cover,


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