Attack on Titan #7 - Volume 7

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 04/09/2012

Plot Summary

Chapter 28

After the Female Titan slaughters Petra, Erd, and Auruo, Eren engages the Female Titan in his Titan form.

Chapter 29

Enraged over the death of his comrades, Eren regrets not fighting earlier. The Female Titan overwhelms Eren and knocks Eren's Titan head off. Mikasa pursues the Female Titan after seeing the Female Titan swallowing Eren up.

Chapter 30

Rivaille arrives on scene where he looks at his fallen comrades. After Mikasa tries to attack the Female Titan, Rivaille catches up to her and tells her to follow the Female Titan from a distance. He tells her to only rescue Eren.

Points of Interest

Characters Who Appeared in Flashbacks

  • Riko Brzenska
  • Dot Pixis
  • Darious Zackley
  • Nile Dawk


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