Akame Ga Kill! #6 - Volume 6

is a manga book published by Square Enix that was released on 09/22/2012

Plot Summary

Chelsea and Susanoo become further acclimated to the group, as Night Raid and the Jägers work independently to wipe out the Dangerous Beasts threatening the capital. This leads to Tatsumi and Esdeath running into one another, then being warped to a remote island by the mysterious figure who unleashed the monsters.

As the monsters are wiped out, the Jägers focus inevitably turns towards focusing on Night Raid again. Also brought to Night Raid's attention is the "Path of Peace" religious movement, which both the Revolutionary Army and the Prime Minister aim to make use of.


  • Chapter 24: Kill the Danger Beasts (危険種を斬る Kikenshu wo Kiru)
  • Chaper 25: Kill the Hindrances (邪魔者を斬る Jamamono wo Kiru)
  • Chapter 26: Kill the Colossal Danger Beast (巨大危険種を斬る Kyodai Kikenshu o Kiru)
  • Chapter 27: Kill the Strong One (強者を斬る Kyōsha o Kiru)
  • Chapter 28: Kill the Religious Organization (教団を斬る Kyōdan o Kiru)


In the tankobon's bonus chapter, Tatsumi has the great misfortune to find himself transferred to the world of Corpse Party: Blood Covered.


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Takahiro writer,
Tetsuya Tashiro artist, cover,



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