Attack on Titan #6 - Volume 6

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 12/09/2011

Plot Summary

Kodansha Comics Edition Release Date: September 17, 2013


Ch. 26: Bite

Jean complains about his superior's orders and assures Armin that he is going follow the orders and prevent any Titans from entering the forest. While the Female Titan pursues Rivaille's Squad, Eren watches in horror as the Female Titan kills every reinforcement soldiers. When Petra and the others demand Rivaille to order them to stop the Female Titan, Rivaille fires a sound grenade. Rivaille reminds them about their mission, protecting Eren. Before Eren bites his thumb, Rivaille tells Eren to choose a decision that he will regret the least afterwards. He tells Eren to believe in them or himself.

In a flashback, Eren recalls Rivaille's debriefing where they go over how to examine Eren's physiology. During the test run and inside a well, Eren bites his thumb and cannot transform into a Titan. After Gunther and the others assure Eren's failure isn't meaningless, Eren tries to pick up the spoon. Suddenly, Eren's right arm bursts into a Titan's arm. Rivaille tries to calm down his men.

Ch. 26: The Expedient Path

After Rivaille's squad yells at Eren with different things, Eren yells out to shut them up. Arrving on scene, Hanji tries to touch Eren's Titan arm and finds it steaming hot. While Eren pulls out his arm, Hanji notices a spoon in Eren's hand. Afterwards, Rivaille explains to Eren about his team and their stats. Then, Hanji holds a meeting and explains that Eren transforms into a Titan when Eren has an objective in mind as she points out that the spoon isn't melted. Rivaille's squad apologize to Eren and bite their own thumbs to feel Eren's pain.

When the Female Titan closes in on Eren, Commander Erwin order his troops to fire the wires to trap the Female Titan. While Eren and the squad move forward, Rivaille joins Commander Erwin and reminds him about the sacrifices they had to endure to capture the Female Titan.


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