Mysterious Girlfriend X #6 - Volume 6

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 06/23/2010

Plot Summary

At Kazamidai Station, Ueno sees Urabe high kick a business man, knocking him out cold. She acts even more bizarrely when Tsubaki finds her in a convenience store the next day, instead of at their usual spot for their daily routine. Seemingly unsure of her own name, let alone the "bond" she shares with Tsubaki, it turns out this girl is really the idol Momoka Imai in disguise! Because of their likeness, Momoka has a "plan" and wants Urabe to be her partner, but will she take her up on it?


Chapter 37: Mysterious High Kick

Mysterious High Kick
RomajiNazo no hai kikku
StartPg. 1

At a train station, a girl wearing a baseball cap accuses a man of touching her inappropriately. The man angers her, saying she can sue him, but without proof she will only humiliate herself. Enraged, the girl suddenly kicks him in the head, and her hat falls off to reveal her face. She puts it back on and runs away, with everyone on the platform staring in awe. Among them is Ueno, who recognizes the girl as Urabe.

The next day at school, Ueno and Tsubaki are eating lunch together. Ueno tells him about the girl he saw at the station, and to his surprise assures him it was Urabe. Later that day in class Tsubaki thinks about how she had always been somewhat violent with her scissors, but he had never seen her kick anyone before. He admits he could imagine her doing something like that if she had been molested, and that as her boyfriend, he couldn't forgive anyone who would do that to her.

After school Tsubaki spots Urabe in a convenience store and wonders why she isn't waiting at their usual place, and why she isn't wearing her school uniform. After going inside to talk to her, he has to repeat her name several times and finally shout at her to get her attention. The girl points at herself and ask if he's referring to her, and then asks what her first name is. Confused, Tsubaki tells her it's "Mikoto" and asks what she's doing there, and tells her to come with him to their usual place for their daily routine.

Elsewhere another girl who also appears to be Urabe, but this time dressed in her school uniform, is looking for Tsubaki and wonders if he went home without her because she was a little late.

Tsubaki has to repeat "Urabe" several times to get the girls' attention again, and tells her he knows about what happened at the train station the day before. He tells her that he can't forgive anyone who would do that to her and claims he would have liked to knock the guy out himself. The girl asks why, and Tsubaki explains that it's because she's his girlfriend. The girl acts surprised, and Tsubaki asks to do their usual routine before they go home. Still confused, the girl asks what this "routine" is, and Tsubaki explains that he licks her drool off of her finger every day before going home, then gets embarrassed for having to spell it out for her. The girl shrieks and laughs, exclaiming that "this 'Mikoto Urabe' is one weird girl!" and that she'd "gathered enough information" and tries to leave.

Tsubaki grabs her hand and a short distance away, the other Urabe spots them. Tsubaki asks the girl to let him taste her drool so he can understand why she's acting to weird. He tries to put his finger in her mouth and she moves away, and reaches under her skirt. Tsubaki pulls back, under the impression she is about to pull her Panty Scissors out. The girl instead unhooks some kind of restraint on her thigh and kicks him in the head, like she did to the molester at the train station, knocking him unconscious.

The stand-off
The stand-off

Now mere feet away from them, the other Urabe sees this and rushes over with her scissors in hand. The girl sees her coming and swings her leg up once more, crossing with the other girls' arm, her foot inches from the girls' head and the scissors inches from her own face. She realizes the girl with the scissors is in fact "Urabe Mikoto" and pulls out a photo of her from her bag. She explains that with her hair dyed black, they look so alike it's unbelievable. Urabe suddenly realizes the girl is the idol Momoka Imai.

Chapter 38: Mysterious Plan

Mysterious Plan
RomajiNazo no keikaku
StartPg. 31

Momoka teases Urabe, asking if she's starstruck at the sight of a famous idol, and if Tsubaki has become a fan of hers because of their likeness. Ignoring her, Urabe tries to wake Tsubaki, but Momoka stops her, saying it would be bad if he woke up to find two of the "same person" in front of him. Confused, Urabe asks what Momoka is doing and what she wants. Momoka says she will explain in the park across the road and to not worry about Tsubaki, who just has a mild concussion.

In the park Momoka points at Urabe and says she will be an idol. She explains that because all it took was black hair dye to disguise herself as Urabe, if Urabe dyes her hair brown, she will be able to pose as her just as easily. She proposes that if the two of them work together, they could occasionally switch places without anyone knowing, letting the idol experience the life of a normal girl and vice versa. Confident that Urabe will be interested, Momoka asks if she will be her partner in this plan. Urabe flatly refuses, claiming to be perfectly satisfied with her own life, and begins to walk away.

Urabe vs. Momoka
Urabe vs. Momoka

Not willing to give up, Momoka blocks Urabe's path with her arms spread wide, and says that if Urabe isn't interested, she will have to make her interested. Urabe takes the opportunity to use her scissor attack, completely catching her off guard. Momoka quickly unhooks one of her leg restraints and manages to catch Urabe with a kick to the head, knocking her unconscious.

Momoka's clothes are shredded
Momoka's clothes are shredded

Urabe now on the ground, Momoka ponders about her speed, which even Momoka had a hard time keeping up with. Thinking Urabe may have the athletic ability to be an idol, her clothes suddenly fall in pieces to the ground, leaving only her socks, shoes, leg restraints, and panties intact.

A short distance away, a dog licks Tsubaki's face, waking him up. Its owner asks if he had a stroke or is unwell, and offers to call an ambulance. Tsubaki assures her he's fine and walks away, recalling how "Urabe" kicked him in the head, and wondering when she had become so violent.

Momoka finds their one physical difference
Momoka finds their one physical difference

Back in the park, a panicked Momoka tries to wake Urabe up, worried someone might walk by and find her almost naked. She accidentally grabs her breast. After fondling it for a few seconds she becomes curious and lifts her shirt. To her shock, she finds that Urabe's breasts are quite large, and after glancing down at herself, realizes there is at least one physical difference between them after all; bust size.

Chapter 39: Mysterious Unison

Mysterious Unison
RomajiNazo no yunizon
StartPg. 51
Momoka examines Urabe
Momoka examines Urabe

Momoka quickly realizes that Urabe could never pose as her in a swimsuit photoshoot because of the considerable bust difference. As she continues to inspect her body she confirms that their waist size is about the same. Urabe suddenly opens her eyes and jolts upright with an angry expression on her face, asking Momoka why she'd lifted up her shirt. Embarrassed, Momoka tells her she couldn't help herself. Urabe dashes off, leaving Momoka in the park shouting after her. She goes back to where Tsubaki was, but he'd clearly woken up and left already.

Urabe goes back to the almost completely naked Momoka who demands she take responsibility for the situation. Urabe drops a bag with her P.E. uniform inside and tells Momoka to put it on and come back to her house to borrow a fresh outfit.

At Urabe's apartment, Momoka takes a shower and Urabe offers her a drink. Curious, she asks Momoka how she found out there was a look-a-like in Kazamidai. Momoka had read a fan letter from Nakajima, the boy in the photography club at Urabe's school, who told her about Urabe and included a photo. Urabe asks if she's serious about occasionally switching places with Urabe. Momoka explains that she enjoys her life, but wants a taste of a normal life before her teen years are over. She is even jealous of her for having Tsubaki as a boyfriend, even though she doesn't think he's anything special.

Suddenly Momoka spots a live concert DVD of hers across the room. Urabe explains that she bought it before Tsubaki is a fan and it made her curious. Momoka puts it on and begins to sing along with herself, impressing Urabe. She picks up her cup and pretends it's a microphone, and beckons Urabe and puts the other cup in her hand. Urabe mimicks her and Momoka is amazed at her dancing and singing abilities, especially since it was her first try. She asks Urabe to reconsider her plan to switch places but Urabe doesn't want to.

Upset, Momoka suddenly recalls what Tsubaki had said about tasting Urabe's drool and asks if they really do that. After Urabe says yes she calls her abnormal and gross, but Urabe tells her that drool is the bond between Tsubaki and herself. Momoka asks for an explanation, but Urabe says she would have to see it to understand. Momoka proposes to observe Urabe feeding Tsubaki her drool, and if she can understand their bond, she will give up on her plan.

Chapter 40: Mysterious Writing

Mysterious Writing
RomajiNazo no moji
StartPg. 77

Urabe goes into the bathroom in the morning and opens a tube of acrylic paint, remembering what Momoka said the day before about wanting to see Urabe and Tsubaki's "bond" for herself.

Now ready for school, Urabe wakes Momoka up and gives her the house key to lock up when she leaves. She instructs her to hide at the time and place they agreed on the day before, so Urabe can show her their "bond" so that Momoka will give up on her "strange" plan as promised; therefore abandoning the idea of occasionally switching places with Urabe. Yawning, Momoka agrees and Urabe sets off for school. Momoka thanks her for letting her stay over, and Urabe closes the door behind her, thinking how strange it is to have someone identical to herself seeing her off in the morning.

At school, Tsubaki is silently reeling in shock over being kicked by Urabe the day before, not knowing it was really Momoka who kicked him. He's gotten used to dealing with her Panty Scissors, but notes that this is the first time she's been physically violent and hit him.

After reaching the spot where their usual routine takes place, Urabe asks if they can do it in the park instead. Tsubaki asks why and Urabe tells him it would be nice for a change of pace. In the park, she offers him her drool as usual, and Tsubaki suddenly has an explosive nosebleed. Shocked, Tsubaki asks if it's possible she isn't wearing any underwear, which had a similar result in the past. She insists that she is and wipes Tsubaki's face with her handkerchief. Urabe apologizes for suddenly doing something to test their bond, but Tsubaki tells her that he's really happy for some reason.

Urabe reveals the hidden message
Urabe reveals the hidden message

Tsubaki and Urabe part ways and Urabe returns to the park and tells Momoka she can stop hiding. She emerges from the bushes and says she saw what happened. Urabe explains that Tsubaki's nose started bleeding because of the secret conveyed to him through her drool. To Momoka's surprise, Urabe suddenly strips off her shirt and bra to reveal a message written on her body in acrylic paint. The message reads "I love Tsubaki-kun ♥" painted over her breasts and stomach. Urabe explains that even though she didn't convey the message to him in words, it was conveyed through her drool, which excited him and caused the nosebleed.

Momoka takes Urabe's uniform
Momoka takes Urabe's uniform

Back at Urabe's home she is in the shower with Momoka sat outside, telling her she now has to go back to her life as an idol. Momoka however is imagining herself in Urabe's shoes as a school girl, with a boyfriend with a special bond. She notices Urabe's school uniform in a basket next to her and tells Urabe she will give up on her plan to trade places with her, but first she wants to see what might happen if Tsubaki tastes her drool, so she runs off wearing Urabe's uniform. Urabe rushes out of the shower, quickly puts on some underwear, her Panty Scissors, the shirt Momoka was wearing, and a pair of shoes and runs outside.

Urabe walks out into the street looking for Momoka, and suddenly a car pulls up next to her and an arm reaches out and pulls her inside. An angry man tells her she's wasting her time if she thought dyeing her hair would fool him. Confused, Urabe asks the man who he is, who shouts that he's her manager and she's been missing for two days. Under the impression that she's actually Momoka, he declares that he's not letting her get away again and speeds off with her.

Chapter 41: Mysterious Performance

Mysterious Performance
RomajiNazo no pafōmansu
StartPg. 101

Urabe is sat in a room, confronted with three people; the man who kidnapped her and two girls. They talk amongst themselves about Momoka Imai, who they are convinced is the girl in front of them. The man explains how he went to the to the town where the Momoka lookalike supposedly lived, on the off-chance Momoka had gone there, and found her on the sidewalk. Urabe interrupts but is cut off by one of the girls, who tells her she shouldn't have disappeared without telling anyone. The man comments on her "dyed" black hair, and then her breasts as he reaches down and touches one. He asks her how many pads she used, but as he continues to fondle her, realizes they feel real.

Urabe rushes the man with her Panty Scissors, then tucks them away and yells that she is Mikoto Urabe, a second-year student from Kazamidai High School. A cardboard cut-out of Momoka next to the man suddenly shatters into tiny pieces.

Surprised, the two girls realize Urabe is telling the truth, and is in fact the lookalike. One of them lifts Urabe's shirt and comments on the lack of high kick restraints, noting that instead she has a pair of scissors. The man asks Nozaki, the short-haired girl, to fetch a wig matching Momoka's hair. After putting it on Urabe, they can't tell her apart from Momoka, though the other girl points out that Urabe's breasts are definitely much larger.

The manager asks if Urabe knows where the real Momoka is, but Urabe doesn't know. A man enters the room and tells them a camera crew is outside ready for an interview. The manager turns to Urabe and asks her if she will pose as Momoka and greet the press. He asks Nozaki and the other girl, Miya, to get Momoka's costume. They grab Urabe and pull her into a dressing room. Urabe tries to struggles, but they get her into the costume and tuck her scissors into the fabric wrapped around her leg. Embarrassed and still trying to resist, Urabe is pushed out and faced with a large group of people with cameras.

Urabe quickly collects herself and starts spinning extremely fast on the spot, amazing her audience. She stops, then pulls out her scissors and spins again while using her scissors. She tucks them away and walks off without saying a word. Suddenly, the Momoka Imai posters and cut-outs near where she stood all fall to pieces, confusing but still amazing the press.

Back inside, Urabe throws the wig on the floor and says she's leaving. The manager kneels before her and asks if she would fill in for Momoka until they find her, and she screams "NO WAY!!"

Chapter 42: Mysterious Experiment

Mysterious Experiment
RomajiNazo no jikken
StartPg. 127

In the Kazamidai shopping district, Momoka (dressed as Urabe) passes Shimada Electronics and notices the televisions in the window. To her shock, she sees Urabe dressed as herself on the screen. Surprised to see Urabe taking on her role, she comes to the conclusion that she must continue to pose as Urabe.

Elsewhere, Tsubaki muses over "Urabe's" recent behaviour; including kicking him in the head, and wonders what today has in store for him. Momoka, still wearing Urabe's uniform, suddenly appears and hugs him from behind. Embarrassed, Tsubaki quickly pushes her away and warns her that someone might see them and find out about their relationship. He tells her she's been acting "kind of weird" lately and tells her to wait at the usual place after school to do their routine. Momoka realizes what he means and blurts it out loud, prompting Tsubaki to cover her mouth. Tsubaki runs ahead to school.

Walking into school, someone calls Urabe's name twice before Momoka remembers to respond, and she turns to find Oka. Momoka asks if she is from the same class, which Oka confirms and suddenly notices Momoka's bag, which is different to the bag Urabe carries. Momoka brushes it off and they walk into the classroom. Oka is greeted by name by another classmate, saving Momoka the trouble of having to figure it out. The teacher walks in and sits the class down, and Momoka waits for everyone else to sit down to figure out which seat is hers, which she notes is next to Tsubaki. Realizing she doesn't have the textbook for the class, she joins her desk with Tsubaki's and shares his, whispering to him that classmates sharing a textbook is perfectly normal. The teacher writes a complicated math problem on the board and Momoka volunteers to solve it, and easily solves it, making Tsubaki blush. Later Urabe joins in a volleyball game with some other female students outside, while Tsubaki and some of the other boys watch through the windows in the classroom.

After school, Momoka thinks about how fun it was to be someone else for a day, and begins to wonder where she's supposed to meet Tsubaki. Suddenly a car pulls up next to her and her manager grabs her by the arm and insists she comes with him. Momoka insists that she will come back but she needs to do something first, but Takagi doesn't let go. Tsubaki, walking in their direction, sees what he believes to be a stranger trying to force his girlfriend into a car. He rushes them, and punches Takagi in the face, freeing Momoka. Takagi falls to the floor and Tsubaki grabs Momoka's arm and the run away.

Tsubaki makes sure "Urabe" is okay makes a few remarks about the man he punched. Still holding hands, Momoka feels like she really is Urabe and Tsubaki really is her boyfriend. Tsubaki kneels down rubbing his hand and tells her it's the first time he's punched someone so his hand hurts. Momoka blushes and puts her finger in her mouth, and offers her drool to Tsubaki and he tastes it. To her surprise, his nose starts bleeding, and Momoka wonders if that means she has a bond with him.

Chapter 43: Mysterious Experiment Results

Mysterious Experiment Results
RomajiNazo no jikken kekka
StartPg. 155

Momoka kneels down next to Tsubaki and asks him how he feels after tasting her drool. She asks if his heart was racing, like hers, and if he felt happy. Tsubaki answers positively, and Momoka decides that because they share a bond, she will kiss him. Not as Momoka Imai, the idol, but as Urabe Mikoto, the normal girl.

As she leans forward, Tsubaki stops her and questions her unusual behavior. He asks to taste her drool again, and tells her it isn't sweet like it usually is, and asks again if there's something wrong with her. Blushing, Momoka starts talking about their bond but Tsubaki stops her, and tells her the their bond wasn't what cause the nose bleed.

Tsubaki tells her to stand up, lean forward, and look down her own collar. She does, and realizes her bare chest is visible. She jolts upright and covers her chest with her arms, and they come to the understanding that seeing her chest gave him the nosebleed, not tasting her drool. Tsubaki asks her if her chest has gotten smaller and begins rambling about how they look smaller than before, but that smaller breasts are cute, and as he looks up at her he receives a roundhouse kick to the face. Momoka calls him an idiot and runs away.

Elsewhere, Urabe is dressed up and practicing one of Momoka's routines. Nozaki and Miya praise her performance, Miya saying that Urabe's singing isn't half bad and her dancing is on par with Momoka. The two girls decide there shouldn't be a problem with Urabe doing a TV interview. Urabe however is more concerned about finding the real Momoka. Nozaki girls Urabe a drink and Miya tells her that Takagi went to Urabe's town to look for Momoka, but if she isn't found Urabe will have to take over Momoka's concert. Shocked, Urabe spray her drink in Nozaki's face and panics, but Miya tells her to relax. She says Momoka is a professional, and even if it's last minute, she'll come back. Urabe asks why Momoka is so determined to be a "normal girl" in the first place, and Nozaki tells her it's because Momoka has some painful memories with the first boy she loved.

Chapter 44: Mysterious Tremble

Mysterious Tremble
RomajiNazo no furue
StartPg. 179

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