Binbō-gami ga! #5 - Volume 5

is a manga book published by JUMP Comics that was released on 12/04/2009

Plot Summary

After Momiji's constant failures to steal Ichiko's "happiness energy," Momiji's rival convinces her handler to take over the job in order to both steal Ichiko's energy and one-up Momiji. However, neither girl is pleased with her appearance.

Later, Ichiko and Ranmaru both feel like they are being stalked by someone. After ruling out Momiji, they discover it is a strange ninja girl from their class, but have no idea why she wants to kill them. It later turns out that this girl is a childhood friend of Keita who is stalking him and trying to remove any perceived competition. In a grand move, she invites him to a party and announces her wish to marry him in front of everyone. Unfortunately, Keita does not remember her at all and declines.

Thus, Nadeshiko's family decides to go ahead with their arranged marriage, but Ichiko and Ranmaru decide to give her the courage to reverse it before she is officially married to a loser as they fly away in a zeppelin.

Chapter List

  • Round 19: There's No Way This Could Happen In Two Minutes!!!!
  • Round 20: OH! Japanese Ninja <3
  • Round 21: And Once That's Done, Break Up...Let's Go!!
  • Round 22: Let Me Hear Your Answer!


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