Dr. Slump #5 - Volume 5

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 08/10/1981

Plot Summary

Viz Edition Release Date: January 3, 2006

The vampiress, Trampire comes out at night and tries to suck Arale's blood but fails since Arale is an android. A new kid from the city moves in named Skop arrives. The Bank Robber Arale stopped in vol. 2 tries to get revenge by hiring a hitman on her and Peasuke gets a girlfriend.

Chapters Titles

  • Chapter 51. Untouchable Arale
  • Chapter 52. Affairs of the Heart!
  • Chapter 53. Monsters' Night
  • Chapter 54. The Great Arale-Eye Caper: Part 1
  • Chapter 55. The Great Arale-Eye Caper: Part 2
  • Chapter 56. Kinoko on the Loose
  • Chapter 57. Heel, Achilles!
  • Chapter 58. Good-bye, Gatchan!
  • Chapter 59. The Big-City Student
  • Chapter 60. Mr. Handy!
  • Chapter 61. The Shiverman Cometh
  • Chapter 62. Peasuke's First Love


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