Yotsuba&! #5 - Volume 5

is a manga book published by Yen Press that was released on 04/28/2006

Plot Summary

Yen Press Edition Release Date: September 30, 2009

Yotsuba met a robot at Ena’s house! Betcha haven’t met one ever! It was THIIIIIS big — but not bigger than Jumbo or anything — and it ate money! Yotsuba’s never met anyone who ate money before! Maybe it gets more powers with more money!? Yotsuba should try giving it more money next time! Huh…what happens when money-eating robots get full? Do they have to go to the little robots’ room? Hmmmm…

Can't get enough Yotsuba? Well she can't get enough adventure. In this fifth volume of Yotsuba&! follow her as she finds a robot named Cardbo in Ena's house. Has WAY too much fun at the beach, and discovers her arch nemesis in a new character named Yanda. One of Yotsuba's father's friends.

Fun Fact: This is the last volume that ADV released before dropping the franchise, Yen Press has taken over the franchise for North America and have re translated all past volume and continuing to release new volumes.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 28: Yotsuba & Cardbo (よつばとダンボー "Yotsuba to Danbō", "Yotsuba & Danbo")
  • Chapter 29: Yotsuba & Helping (よつばとてつだい "Yotsuba to Tetsudai")
  • Chapter 30: Yotsuba & Yanda (よつばとやんだ "Yotsuba to Yanda")
  • Chapter 31: Yotsuba & Stars (よつばとほし "Yotsuba to Hoshi")
  • Chapter 32: Yotsuba & Rain (よつばとあめ "Yotsuba to Ame")
  • Chapter 33: Yotsuba & Sunny Skies (よつばとはれ "Yotsuba to Hare", "Yotsuba & clear weather")
  • Chapter 34: Yotsuba & the Beach (よつばとうみ "Yotsuba to Umi", "Yotsuba & the sea")


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