Akame Ga Kill! #5 - Volume 5

is a manga book published by Square Enix that was released on 04/21/2012

Plot Summary

Night Raid's base is discovered and attacked by one of the Jägers, Dr. Stylish. However, as the doctor seeks to acquire the assassins' Imperial Arms for private experimentation, he doesn't inform the rest of the Jägers, but instead relies on his own personal army of surgically-altered soldiers to assault them. Reinforcements arrive to assist Tatsumi and his friends in the ensuing battle, and then join the team.

Afterwards, Night Raid relocate to a dangerous region to train and leave behind their compromised base. A new species of Dangerous Beast surfaces and wreaks havoc around the capital, indicating that there might be another enemy hiding in the shadows.

A special bonus chapter follows the fate of some ordinary village girls, and highlights the decadence and cruelty of the decaying empire.


  • Chapter 20: Kill the Invaders (侵入者を斬る Shinnyūsha wo Kiru)
  • Chapter 21: Kill the Mad Scientist (マッドサイエンティストを斬る Maddo Saientisuto wo Kiru)
  • Chapter 22: Kill the Unexplored (秘境を斬る Hikyō wo Kiru)
  • Chapter 23: Kill the Newcomers (新入りを斬る Shiniri wo Kiru)
  • Bonus Chapter


This tankobon's bonus cross-over is with the series Zombie Bitch SAKINA is in Bitch Girl? and features Tatsumi & Mine.

This volume includes a special chapter 23.5 about Air, Luna, and Fal.


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Takahiro writer,



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