Yotsuba&! #4 - Volume 4

is a manga book published by Yen Press that was released on 08/27/2005

Plot Summary

Yen Press Edition Release Date: September 30, 2009

*sniffle* Yotsuba thinks grown-ups are mean. Daddy plays all kinds of neat games with Yotsuba, but he ALWAYS WINS! Even when Yotsuba TELLS him to be paper in Rock-Paper-Scissors, he doesn’t listen! Even then! Yotsuba never, ever wants to be a big meanie grown-up, nuh-uh! But grown-ups get to buy ice cream all by themselves, so…um…maybe it’s okay to be a grown-up sometimes?

Yotsuba is at it again, she is learning about fishing, dinner, and much, much more. But Yotsuba is not the only person having new experiences, Fuka is having a little boy trouble and Yotsuba is trying to help her through it.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 22: Yotsuba & Challenges (よつばと勝負 "Yotsuba to Shōbu")
  • Chapter 23: Yotsuba & Fishing (よつばと釣り "Yotsuba to Tsuri")
  • Chapter 24: Yotsuba & Dinner (よつばとばんごはん "Yotsuba to Bangohan")
  • Intermission. Yotsuba & Four-Panel Manga (休憩 よつばと4コマ "Kyūkei - Yotsuba to Yon-Koma")
  • Chapter 25: Yotsuba & the Bloom of Youth (よつばとせいしゅん "Yotsuba to Seishun", "Yotsuba & Adolescence")
  • Chapter 26: Yotsuba & Newspapers (よつばとしんぶん "Yotsuba to Shinbun")
  • Chapter 27: Yotsuba & Tsukutsukuboshi (よつばとつくつくぼうし "Yotsuba to Tsukutsukubōshi")


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