The Qwaser of Stigmata #4 - Volume 4

is a manga book published by Akita Shoten that was released on 02/20/2008

Plot Summary

Chapter 14


Eva has booby-trapped the hallway, preventing Sasha from entering while she torments the class. She threatens to cut Miyuri into 72 parts for display (her "signature move"), but then asks Mafuyu about the Icon. She can't answer, so Eva decides to make an example of the class president. Outside of the classroom, Katja uses Anastasia to penetrate Q and R each with a giant copper pole, then sends a large surge of electricity through them to destroy them. However, Hana gasps as she notices them completely regenerate their supposedly fatal wounds. Q and R both say that they were engineered to regenerate from any wound until they become "reunited" with their mother, then demand that Katja tease them more.

Back in the classroom, everyone watches as Eva tries to teach the class about her brand of sadism and expose the class president Fumika 's vagina to everyone in the room as punishment for Mafuyu remaining silent. As Fumika is about to break down, Mafuyu decides to stand up for her and challenges Eva despite not having any powers. Eva responds by saying she'll cut off a few pieces of her body, but leave her enough to talk. Fumika suddenly yanks out the iron blade she kept hidden and cuts Eva's face.

Just as Eva plans to kill her in return, Sasha makes a dramatic entrance, revealing that he found out how to beat the trap along with Eva herself. Using his powers, he freezes the mercury in the area, and then burns Eva on an iron stake.

Chapter 15

The academy is dealing with the aftermath of the attack, and the whereabouts of Q and R are still unknown. Mafuyu sits down on a bench and gets kidnapped. Sasha chases after her and finds Mafuyu almost naked and bound in mercury (I don't know how and I don't know why she's not being poisoned. Just roll with it.), and a somewhat regenerated Eva caressing her with one of the girls nearby. Sasha tries to freeze the mercury again, but Eva manipulates it again but causing it to sublimate into a gas. The little girl then threatens to "disqualify" Mafuyu if Sasha moves, causing him to take the full force of Eva's next attack.

Katja arrives on the scene to ask Eva about Q and R. Eva reveals that Q and R were absorbed into her previously-burned body so that she could live, and the girl standing next to her is "S." It's also revealed that there were girls A through P, little clones of herself that were also absorbed so that Eva could continue appearing young and beautiful. Apparently, Eva Silver's real name is Eva Braun (yes, that Eva Braun), and she's still trying to keep Hitler's old dream alive when Katja gets pissed and attacks her.

S decides to start sexually teasing the bound Mafuyu when she mysteriously bursts into flames. Eva thinks that the Natrium (a.k.a. Sodium. HINT HINT.) in her body was burned, thus completely destroying her. Sasha frees Mafuyu and then gets all emo and shit, but Mafuyu offers her energy to him, so Sasha ends up using the iron in his own blood to cut through Eva's mercury, and with Katja's help Eva is finally, finally destroyed. For real. Serious.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ootori appears to have helped them from afar (HINT, MOTHERFUCKING HINT) because of something he read in the holy book back in Moscow, and something about a "Big Revival."

Chapter 16

(If you're still reading this, you're missing the point of the manga. Also, the freaky shit takes a new turn. Again, you have been warned.)

A nerdy girl named Lulu Shizaki gets jealous of the attention Katja receives in class, and tries to hide in the library and study. Nearby, Hana tells Katja about the "Sect of Danilo," and how several girls have gone missing after getting involved with it. Hana also asks Katja if she has to continue being her slave, and of course Katja responds by feeling her up. Lulu accidentally catches them both in the act, and Katja plans to enslave her for her trouble. However, Hana notices a strange symbol hanging from Lulu's necklace.

Katja learns from Yuri Noda about the symbol. Apparently, the followers of Danilo are taking a page from the "Sect of Khlysty," asceticists who would whip themselves and have orgies (whaaaaaa?) in disurbing rituals to somehow bring themselves closer to God. Sasha is recovering, so Katja decides to pay the sect a visit.

Later, Lulu's (not-blood-related) mom takes dresses Lulu in a ceremonial robe and walks her into the chamber where several young girls are torturing or fucking each other in various ways. Lulu is introduced to the "Great Founder" of Danilo (who happens to be a guy, surpised?) who then orders Lulu to be prepared for the ritual at her mom's request. Her mom strips down and starts licking her while Lulu squirms in agony. However, another person in a hood offers to save her if she forsakes her mom. Even after all this, Lulu can't bring herself to do so. The hooded figure reveals herself to be Katja, and offers to help save her mother, taking some of Lulu's soma through her breasts as payment. After using Anastasia to whip several of the women in the room (don't ask why, chances are you don't care), she then kills the Great Founder.

The next day, after doing some research, Lulu finds that Katja is somehow also the Empress Alexandra, the wife of the last Tsar of the Romanov dynasty.

Chapter 17

Lizzy is afraid that Ootori has been spending too much time at the computer studying ancient books, but Ootori tells her to go to bed. Meanwhile, Sasha wakes up and apparently lost so much blood (see Chapter 15) that he has amnesia (whaaa?). After hearing voices in his head the next day, he jumps out a window and gets into a fight with some thugs outside a cosplay bar. He doesn't really put up much of a fight, but Lizzy comes along and smacks them in the face with her giant bag. The girl handing fliers outside the bar sees them both and decides to help dress them up in costumes from Fate/Stay Night.

After causing the hostesses to squeal in delight, Lizzy starts hitting the sauce, which loosens up her normal inhibitions. Not only does she drunkenly berate her master, but then joins the flier girl from before dragging Sasha into a three-way almost-rape. Before they can start, the Qwaser of Lead shows up and starts flinging makeshift lead bullets at them from afar. Lizzy sucks some Soma from the waitress's breasts, and then tries to counter with her giant titanium sword stashed in her bag. However, the heavy lead starts to dent the lighter titanium, and she can't counterattack from so far away. Sasha conveniently regains his memories, blocks another volley of lead bullets with an iron shield, and then sends them back to cripple the Qwaser of Lead.

Sasha and Lizzy suddenly realize that they fought each other before (Chapter 12) as Mafuyu finally catches up with them and begs them to stop fighting. Meanwhile, the Qwaser of Lead prepares to fire another round, until someone burns the Natrium inside his body. As if on cue, the Qwaser of Sodium appears on the same rooftop, and pulls back his hood to reveal that he was Mr. Ootori all along. He claims that Sasha is not strong enough to defeat the Final, the Golden Qwaser, and has taken the Theotokos of Tsaritsyn, referring to an unconscious Tomo he is holding in her arms.

Chapter 18

Sasha is recovering at the Academy's church while Elizabeth takes some of Teresa's soma. Sasha wanted to fight Ootori, but Yuri Noda pops up to say that he is no match for him: as the Qwaser of Sodium, Ootori can manipulate strings of sodium to tear through another person's body, set them on fire, and even control their mind to a degree if he wants. Even so, Sasha and Mafuyu decide to confront the Qwaser of Sodium in order to rescue Tomo.

Elsewhere, while preparing Tomo for some sort of ceremony, Ootori is confronted by the blonde gentleman from before who is summoning clones of defeated enemies. Ootori uses his power to ignite the sodium within their bodies while outside the church, Elizabeth and Teresa are fighting against Sasha and Mafuyu. However, as Mafuyu makes her way into the church, she discovers that Tomo has become possessed by the infamous Qwaser of Gold


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