Hayate the Combat Butler #4 - Volume 4

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 08/14/2007

Plot Summary


As the school year begins, Hayate begins a new chapter in his life as Nagi begins attending classes Hakuou Academy, and Hayate attempts to pass the entrance exam.


Episode 1 – Hayate the Combat Butler.....5

Wherein Hayate wraps up that last pesky plot thread of the fake kidnapping of Nagi by Gilbert from the tail end of last volume.

Episode 2 – If This Were an Anime, the Opening Would Change!.....21

Wherein Hayate attempts to walk Nagi to school, but various factors get in the way.

Episode 3 – If the Teacher Told You to Die, Would You?!.....37

Wherein Nagi forgets her lunch, and Hayate attempts to take it to here, only to run into Ms. Katsura.

Episode 4 – Fools, Smoke and Cats... No One Wants to Climb Up to High Places.....53

Wherein Hayate gets lost on the Hakuou Academy campus, and must avoid Ms. Katsura while trying to find Nagi, and where he receives the help of Ms. Katsura's sister, Hinagiku.

Episode 5 – A Power That Won't Revolutionize the World.....69

Wherein Hayate is confronted by Ms. Katsura at the academy's clock tower (which is also the location of the Student Council President's office,

Episode 6 – A Long Time Ago, Space Sheriff Gyaban Taught Us that Youth Is About Not Turning Back!.....86

Wherein Hayate goes to get a cell phone, and discovers that his parents dis-enrolled him from his high school.

Episode 7 – The One Who Controls Summer Seems to Control the Entrance Exam.....103

Wherein Hayate attempts to take the entrance exam to Hakuou Academy, only to run into a roadblock in the form of the proctor – Ms. Katsura.

Episode 8 – Funny Bunny.....119

Wherein Ms. Katsura and Hinagiku try to gracefully attempt to let Hayate know that he failed the test due to Ms. Katsura's error.

Episode 9 – The First Class Likes Curry.....135

Wherein Hayate goes to Hakuou Academy for the first time, as a student, and encounters another combat butler, Himuro Saeki.

Episode 10 – Samurai, Bushido, and Moving Van Damme.....151

Wherein Hayate attempts to get Nagi to join the Kendo club, only to end up in a duel with another Combat Butler.

Extra Episode – Radical Dreamers.....169

Semi-non-canonical flash-forward story with Hayate possibly time traveling while on vacation with Nagi and Maria in Greece.


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User Reviews
New "season" adjusted setting Reviewed by Count_Zero on April 20, 2011. Count_Zero has written 24 reviews. His/her last review was for Hayate the Combat Butler. 27 out of 27 users recommend his reviews.
It says a lot about how self-aware Hayate the Combat Butler is, that when the series starts a major arc (where a TV series would start a new season), it lampshades this by calling the chapter "If This Were an Anime, the Opening Would Change!"

That title could basically be the title for the volume itself. For the past 3 volumes of the manga, we've been hanging out with Hayate, Nagi, Isumi and Wataru and bouncing back and forth between their various domiciles. While we've gotten a certain degree of action in the volumes, particularly where the schemes of Nursing Robot Eight were concerned, the series has remained somewhat staid in its status quo. That changes here. Break's over, and now Nagi returns to school, which means now we get introduced to her school, the Hakuo Academy, and some of its students and faculty and in particular, their butlers.

Frankly, for a series called "Hayate the Combat Butler", we haven't necessarily gotten a lot of battle buttleing in earlier volumes. Yes, Hayate's fought Eight, and he's fought the Yakuza, and he's occasionally fought Tama. However, we haven't really seen that many other battle butlers. This volume changes that up - particularly through setting up rivalries between Hayate and some of the other butlers, all who generally have nice personalities.

If I have any complaint about this volume, it's that the butlers get more screen time then their masters - which in turn leads to something of a flaw with the show - aside from Nagi and Wataru's households, the focus of the supporting cast is either on the masters or the butlers, never really both. We never really get the names of Isumi's butlers. As far as we know, Aizawa doesn't even have a butler. Here, we get two butlers and their masters introduced. Himuro and Taiga have an interesting master-butler relationship that's different from the traditional master-butler relationship, to the point that it's practically reversed - but aside from seeing Taiga tossing cherry blossoms for Himuro, we never go any further than that. Azumamiya and Nonohara are also introduced this volume, but we don't see Nonohara at all, and Azumamiya basically only appears for a page.

Hopefully, these new characters will get fleshed out further in later volumes, as I'd prefer to avoid the Butler of the Chapter. Still, this volume causes a nice tonal shift, which future volumes can only build off of.
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