Fairy Tail #32 - Volume 32

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 04/17/2012

Plot Summary

The Grand Magic Games have finally begun with eight of the best guilds in Fiore competing to see who is the strongest guild. With Fairy Tail back in the scene, they aim to remind everyone just who the best guild in the land is. Having to compete with the new top guild of Sabertooth and other vengeful mages, the battles are not walks in the park as there is a much more sinister motive behind the tournament.


Chapter 267: New Guild

As the Grand Magic Games get ready to start the games, Team Fairy Tail are getting ready as Elfman realizes that there isn't an outfit for him, only Wendy's clothes. Lucy recalls how Lisanna brought Wendy and Charle to the medical wing, the small mage having lost her magical energy. Porlyusica tells them how having magic energy this low can be fatal as she promises to look over the two. Only remembering a figure in black attacked them, Wendy apologizes for letting them down as she asks Elfman to go in her place while Porlyuscia agrees to help Wendy get better.

The teams enter the arena as the announcer, Chapita Lola, introduces his commentators Councilman Yazima and Jenny Realight from Blue Pegasus. They introduce Fairy Tail as they are booed save for Yazima cheering them on. As they try not to lose their nerve, they notice the spirit of Master Mavis with the Fairy Tail members who aren't competing. After Fairy Tail, the next guilds to come out are Quatro Cerberus, the all female guild of Mermaid Heel, Blue Pegasus, and Lamia Scale. Members of the last two converse with Fairy Tail, happy to see them once more as the rest of the guilds are introduced.

To everyone's surprise, the next guild is Raven Tail as Makarov is shocked to see that his son's guild was approved in the seven years they were gone. Even the crowd is stunned to hear that a dark guild was able to enter the ranks of the tournament. Ivan laughs it off, surprised to see Fairy Tail in attendence at the Games as he goads them on, criticizing them harshly. He also reveals that it was he who attacked Wendy, angering Natsu and the other members of the guild. Things come to a stop as the crowd realizes that there are only two guilds left that haven't been accounted for. Knowing one to be Sabertooth, everyone waits to see who the final guild is.

Chapter 268: The B-Team

As the crowd and fellow guilds wonder who the next team will be, Chapita stumbles through his notes and finds the next team name. To his and everyone else's surprises, the other guild aside from Sabertooth is Fairy Tail B consisting of Laxus, Mirajane, Juvia, Gajeel, and Mystogan (in reality it is Jellal pretending to be his Edolas counterpart). Erza deduces the identity of Jellal as all other guilds are excited to see Fairy Tail with two teams save for Ivan who is surprised to see his son.

The announcers debate the change as Chapita thinks its inevitable for the guild to fight one another while Jenny thinks is unfair, Yazima thinks its a great tactic. Fairy Tail A wants an explanation as Makarov joyfully laughs, reminding everyone around him that they are full of surprises. Natsu, on the other hand, lashes out as he tells Gajeel that if they were to get faced in a match that he would not hold back, the two dragon mages going back and forth. Erza points out that Jellal isn't a member of the guild but he concludes that since no one else knows of Edolas and no one knows what Mystogan looks like, he can get away with it. Mavis takes issue at first but can sense Jellal has a good heart and is strong and allows it.

Jellal notices Raven Tail as Erza asks if he feels the odd presense yet, which he doesn't. Finally, Sabertooth arrives to the crowd's delight. Sting and Rogue try to intimidate Natsu and Gajeal but to no effect. As soon as all guilds are on the field, Chapita brings out the event card as he announces that the first section is an event and explains how each guild sends in a member to participate for points. After the event, battles begin as guilds are matched up via votes, again the guild gets to choose who it will send in. The first event is deemed "Hidden" as the guilds send in the following participants: Beth from Mermaid Heel, Yeager from Quatro Cerberus, Eve from Blue Pegasus, Nullpuding from Raven Tail, Rufus from Sabertooth (who the crowd cheers over), Lyon from Lamia Scale, Gray from Fairy Tail A, and Juvia from Fairy Tail B.

Chapter 269: Disappear into the Stillness

As the first event begins, Ultear and Meldy look on from a nearby cliff as they comment on how Jellal has joined up with Fairy Tail B to help them out. Mavis goes over the rules once more as the different guild members head to the middle of the ring, Juvia cheering on Gray as Lyon puts the moves on Juvia. They all notice a pumpkin figure in the middle as he announces he is the referee for the event. Nulpuding states its unfair for Fairy Tail to have two teams as Rufus dismisses it, stating that they aren't a team to be concerned with. The other guilds back up Rufus as he tells Gray not to keep allies close for good reasons.

The referee states the game will begin as he constructs a giant city, wowing the audience as Jellal wonders how much magic it took to do that. As the guild members become separated, the referee announces that the event is identical to a giant game of hide and seek and that they are all "it". They can use any type of magic to land an attack on other players, gaining one point for the hit as the victim loses one point. They all think its simple enough until the town fills up with clones of the players. The referee points out that if they mistakenly attack a clone and not the real player, they will lose a point as the game officially begins.

Immediately, Juvia swoons over a nearby copy of Gray and hugs it, losing a point in the process. However, the game has a thirty minute time limit and that the person with the most points wins. Gray tries to figure out if there is a solution to the game as Nulpuding tricks him into attacking a clone by accident, using a tactic to blend in with the crowd. Gray realizes that the challenge is harder than he thought as he blends in for Nulpuding to attack him once more.

Chapter 270: In the Night of Falling Stars

As the commentators watch, listing several ways that the mages could find one another, the members of Fairy Tail lament how Nilpuding was able to find Gray twice now. Lucy knows that they want to simply crush them as she gets starred down by Flare Corona of Raven Tail. Beth tries to attack Gray but misses as Yeager uses the attack to locate her, in turn Lyon finding Yeager. As the two friends stare one another down, Juvia leaps down from a building, stomping Lyon. She claims that she will win as its what Makarov wanted, who stated the day before that the winning team could make the losing team do whatever they wanted for a day.

Gray scolds Makarov for not giving them a deal as Nulpuding unleashes a barrage on both Juvia and Gray. Complaing, everyone notices how its snowing in the arena, an attack by Eve. They all dismiss it as Ichiya points out that doing this would allow Eve to see their frozen breath and shivers, a tactic that pays off as he is able to rack up a few points. As the game continues, everyone realizes that Rufus hasn't been seen. Standing on top of a building, he claims that he remembers the movements, smells, spirit energy, and other details of the others. Unleashing his memory magic, he is able to unleash an attack that hits everyone except Nulpuding. Going after Rufus, all that is left is his memory as he takes the lead.

Continuing to play, Nullpuding goes after Gray once more, not attacking any other member of the other guilds. The game ends as Sabertooth and Raven Tail come on top with both Fairy Tail teams in dead last. Gray is shaken by the loss as the crowd boos him, Natsu getting angry at the crowd in turn as they mock their team. As the battle stage begins, Gray storms off, vowing to get back at both Nulpuding and Rufus for the loss. The audience votes on the battles they want to see as the first match of the day is Flare versus Lucy.

Chapter 271: Lucy vs. Flare

Mavis explains the point system for battles as Lucy and Flare get ready. Her team cheers her on, telling her to beat Raven Tail as she is fueled by anger for their treatment of Fairy Tail. Mavis doesn't understand how a feud like this can happen between a father and his son. As the arena is cleared out, the rules are simple: if the opponent is unable to fight any longer, they are the winner. Lucy and Flare stare each other down as the match gets underway.

Right off the bat, Lucy summons Taurus and Scorpio back to back. Flare dodges easily as she shows that her magic lies in her ability to manipulate her hair. Lucy uses the combined effort of Scorpio and Taurus to create a sandstorm axe, causing Flare to scorn Lucy mid-battle; surprised that the summoner has it in her. She turns her hair into a wolf as Lucy summons Cancer to trim her hair. Enraged, Flare uses her hair to trip up Lucy. Lucy returns the attack, using her own whip to flip the two a few times before slamming one another into the ground.

The crowd cheers in excitement as Lucy gets back to her feet. Flare becomes annoyed that Lucy has been able to best her so many times in the fight. She submerges her hair in the sand as Lucy tries to figure out where she is going to attack. Looking around, she sees that Flare has her strands near Asuka. Trying to warn her, Flare unleashes a barrage on the summoner. Flare threatens Lucy that if she says anything, she'll kill Asuka. In the stands, Squadron Chief Aracadas of the Kingdom of Fiore Cherry Blossom Holy Knight Squadron watches intently, stating that these events are meant to help revitalize Zeref.

Chapter 272: The Noble Loser

Flare demands that Lucy sit there and obediently watch or else she'll kill Asuka from the stands before attacking Lucy once more. The whole stadium is confused as to what just happened as they were evenly matched a few minutes ago. Lucy knows that she was fighting for Gray and Wendy but can't let Asuka get hurt. She tries to surrender but Flare covers her mouth, not giving her the opportunity. Flare ponders on how to torture Lucy before deciding to start by putting a Raven Tail brand over her Fairy Tail brand.

As her friends try to figure out what's going on, Natsu runs to Asuka, stating he overheard the whole conversation as he is able to grab hold of Flare's locks for Lucy to attack, summoning Gemini with her free arm. She orders the twins to transform into her as it will help double her magic energy for an Ultimate Magic spell that she and the spirit had practiced together. The crowd watches as Flare cowers in fear as Lucy readies the Urano Metria.

However nothing happens as Lucy wonders what stopped her spell. Flare realizes it was her guild member Obra, who was able to negate the magical energy as Lucy falls over, drained and Flare is the winner. Only a few people outside the ring know that Raven Tail cheated but the rest of the audience laughs and ridicules Lucy and her whole team. Natsu stands over her, helping her up as he claims that she fought a glorious battle and that they will win.

Chapter 273: Orga the Black Lightning

Natsu reports that Lucy will recover but wants to be left alone as the group decides to watch the rest of the matches. The current match is Ren from Blue Pegasus versus Arania Web from Mermaid Heel as Ren comments that she has improved over the past year. Arania uses several web based attack as Ren dodges them, unleashing his own magic on a counter. Ren wins the match for Blue Pegasus as they finish well as Arania curses for letting her guard down. Natsu is surprised at how well Ren and the others improved over the past seven years.

The next match features War Cry from Quatro Cerberus versus Orga Nanagear from Sabertooth. The other members of Sabertooth watch intently as Sting's only concern is fighting Gajeel. As the match begins, War Cry begins to tear up as several people comment that his magic is tear based magic. As he begins to use his first spell, Orga blasts him away with a single blow of black thunder, winning the match in a matter of seconds.

Sabertooth complains that Orga could have made it more interesting as he breaks out into a song, much to the irritation of the audience. Fairy Tail knows that Sabertooth is a worthy opponent indeed. As the day winds down, there is only two guilds left: Fairy Tail B and Lamia Scale. As the match is called, it is revealed that the fight will be between Mystogan and Jura as the crowd demands to see the battle. Erza is shocked that Jellal is going in so early as Jura states that while he wants to see Fairy Tail succeed, he owes it to his own guild to win. Jellal knows he has gone way past his original purpose but aims to win for Fairy Tail.

Chapter 274: Bad Omen

As Jellal and Jura square off to face one another, the members of Fairy Tail worry about Jellal being able to conceal his indentity as most people know Jura is one of the ten high class mages; something Mavis sulks about since Makarov used to be one. Ultear and Meldy are shocked that he is fighting so soon as Ultear hopes that he won't do anything to show off too much. The match begins as Jura unleashes his earth attacks while Jellal does his best to dodge them. Being able to use the same magic as Mystogan, he launches several counter attacks to throw Jura off balance, the audience loving how fast paced the match is thus far.

Jellal launches several attacks at Jura only for the two men to counter one another time and time again. Jellal instead opts to use agility based magic to give Jura the slip several times while Jura does his best to go on the defensive. However, the more magic Jellal uses, the more suspicious Jura becomes as he is finally able to realize just who Jellal is, recalling the incident when the guilds teamed together to defeat the Oracian Seis. Jellal, realizing the knowledge Jura has now, begins to summon a high class magical spell as the skies begin to open and darken. The whole stadium is on edge until something breaks Jellal's concentration.

Not wanting Jellal to show off or be the better mage, Ultear uses Meldy's empath magic to distract Jellal as the masses wonder what is going on. Collapsing soon after, the referee announces Jura as the winner; something he is entirely unsure if he should accept or not. The whole stadium begins to mock Fairy Tail once more as Jellal knows he let everyone down. Back in the med bay, Charle is recovering with Wendy as a sudden premonition hits her. The vision is being told from Levy's point of view as she states that something terrible will happen in seven days as it will affect Lucy directly, making Charle worry as to what the enigmatic omen means.

Moves This Volume

MageTechnique Name
Gray FullbusterIce Hammer
NilpudingSpike Arm
BethCarrot Missile
RufusMemory Make
Night of Falling Stars
Lucy HeartfiliaSummon: Taurus
Summon: Scorpio
Summon: Cancer
Summon: Gemini
Summon: Urano Metria
Flare CoronaHairshower Wolf Fang
Ren AkasukiAerial Phose
Jellal FernandesSacred Song
Mirror Water
Grand Chariot
Star Destruction
Jura NekisIron Rock Wall
Rock Mountain

Grand Magic Games: Day One Results

Event-Hidden1. Rufus-Sabertooth
2. Nulpuding-Raven Tail
3. Lyon-Lamia Scale
4. Eve-Blue Pegasus
5. Beth-Mermaid Heel
6. Yeager-Quatro Cerberus
7. Juvia-Fairy Tail B
8. Gray-Fairy Tail A
Battle 1: Flare Corona (Raven Tail) vs. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail A)Flare Corona
Battle 2: Ren Akatsuki (Blue Pegasus) v. Arania Web (Mermaid Heel)Ren Akatsuki
Battle 3: War Cry (Quatro Cerberus) vs. Orga Nanagear (Sabertooth)Orga Nanagear
Battle 4: Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail B) vs. Jura Nekis (Lamia Scale)Jura Nekis


1. Sabertooth20
2. Raven Tail18
3. Lamia Scale16
4. Blue Pegasus14
5. Mermaid Heel3
6. Quatro Cerberus2
7. Fairy Tail B1
8. Fairy Tail A0


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